Military Jets for Sale

Warjets for sale

Improve your space today with posters and prints of military aircraft that you love and that won't destroy the bank. 5M buys the ride of a lifetime. Russia's Sukhoi SU-27 has a top velocity of Mach 1. It' been developed to combat the best that the United States had to offer, and it can be yours for the price of a medium used corporate aircraft. When you like the concept of a plane, but don't like the thought of doing it yourself, John Morgan has you covert.

He has a couple of wonderfully renovated Sukhoi SU-27 Flanker Jets. They are for sale and belong to a very elitist group of former military fighters that are privately owned in the United States. But if you've always dreamt of becoming a combat pilots but failed to get your shot at the military track, this could be your opportunity to become a top gunski without having to worry about the Iceman trying to take the spotlight.

"We' ve got a workout schedule for every future owner," says Morgan. SU-27 was one of the most important arms of the Cold War in the Soviet Union. Same SU-27UB Morgan' s offer for sale was flew by the Russians knights, the Soviet equivalents to the Thunderbirds of the U.S. Air Force. There is nothing that is currently available on the aviation industry that can match these planes.

A number of businesses are talking about how their airplane feels like a combat plane or how a combat plane works. It'?s not very often you can actually buy a warplane. Sure, there are a fistful of former US ultrasonic jets like the Northrop T-38 out there, and the Douglas A-4 or MiG 21 hunters are amazing in every way.

However, few, if any, aircraft come anywhere near one of the best Cold War fighters. T-28's, an old US coach who was deployed at the beginning of the Jets era. Following several years of successful activity in the pistons sector, Morgan became interested in some of the former Soviet Bloc exercise bikes that emerged after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 90s.

Over the past 10 years, Morgan has established a solid track record as an importer, restorer and seller of Aero Vodochody L-39s, a small prime contractor used throughout the Eastern Bloc. "We liked what we did, and one of our L-39 clients asked us to lead the Sukhoi project," said Morgan. SU-27 was bought for a firm that had to do some research (the jets can get up to 57,000 feet).

"You needed a podium that could transport demanding technologies to great heights," says Morgan. It was Morgan who finally resolved to end the restoration of the jets and offer them for sale. These jets are the "UB" version of the SU-27, which are never meant for battle, so they are not equipped with weapon. Morgan' got some former air force hunter pilot to test on the plane.

Its main rider is a former F-15 rider, and he says the SU-27 is noticeably similar to the F-15 Eagle (video of his first ride below). However, according to Morgan, the aviator says that you have the feeling that you are definitely shoving a larger plane through the skies. Who' s gonna be spending $5 million on a Soviet warplane?

The SU-27 is hard to beaten when it comes to pure Bang-for-the-Buck, says Tom Haines, editor-in-chief of Pilot newspaper, released by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association. The Flanker will burn 1,000 to 1,200 gal per hour even if you travel around without the afterburner glowing. Concerning the workout you might need if you own the SU-27 and want to use it?

At Morgan we recommend some experiences with jets before you start your workout. Naturally, his pilot will be pleased to instruct you in an L-39, just as the initial pilot of the Sukhoi combat aircraft gathered experiences at the height of the Cold War. Pictures of the SU-27 in action:

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