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Ticket Check Online

The JetPrivilege membership number - e-ticket number. Then click 'Check Me In! to check in on Jet Airways domestic flights on the Internet. Has Jet Airways an online check-in? If you do not arrive before this time, your ticket will be invalid.

Present your e-ticket at check-in at the Jet Airways counter at the airport or use it for self-check-in (at the airport or online) to receive your boarding pass.

What is the check-in procedure for Jet Airways travel?

What is the check-in procedure for Jet Airways travel? If you are traveling with Jet Airways, there are many check-in choices available to make the check-in procedure more convenient and feasible: Check-in at the airport counter. Check-in Web/Mobile. Check-in kiosks. Check-in tweet. Tele-check-in. Check-in off-site. What time do I have to check in when traveling with Jet Airways?

The check-in times differ according to whether your ticket is national or global and your preference for the check-in procedure. Jet Airways customers can generally check in (via text message, web site, kiosk, etc.) from 2 business day up to 2 business hour in advance.

Passengers travelling within India can open the check-in desks 2 hrs in advance and 45 min in advance. In Jammu, Leh and Srinagar aerodromes you should check in at least 120 min before your scheduled start due to extra precaution. When you have completed the Tele Check-in and you have not been able to get to the check-in desks at the least 50 min before take-off, your place will be reallocated and you will be relieved of your workload.

When travelling international, it is recommended that you arrived at the international airports at least 3 hrs in advance in order to take sufficient notice of all necessary paperwork. You should be aware that the check-in desks open 3 hrs before your scheduled arrival and are closed 1 hrs before your scheduled arrival.

Check-in desks at Dubai International Airports are closed 75 min before take-off. check-in via the Tele / Web/Mobile check-in method, there is a danger that you will be unloaded and your seats re-assigned unless you arrive at the check-in desks at least 60 min before your flight. Irrespective of how you check in or which cabin you travel in, the gates are closed 25 min before your planned depart.

If you do not get there before this specified date, your ticket will be invalid. To be able to check in online, you need a current eTicket, a connection to the World Wide Web and a computer for printing. This simple 4-step approach allows you to prevent queues at the airports by check-in directly on Jet Airways' website.

You can select your preferred seating position and have your crew member card printed during the trial. Check-in Web/Mobile is directly linked to the system at the check-in desks at the airports, so that all operations carried out from your web terminals are refreshed in real times in the airline's logs.

Jet Airways and code share services are available for web/mobile check-in from all destinations except Bahrain. Check-in Web/Mobile is available for: Customers with a current, certified eTicket. Travellers traveling with a minor and/or minor children. By check-in on selected airline and code share services. Choose through check-in for either connection or through check-in for your airline's scheduled services.

Online check-in can be successfully concluded within certain periods of time: From Mumbai or Delhi, travellers can check in up to 24 hrs prior to flight start on non-stop services to Amsterdam, London, Paris and Toronto. On the online check-in page you can check in for a travel companion, but only if you use the same PNR.

They can even check in the members of your group (a max of nine people) unless they are registered on special passenger numbers (PNRs). As you will see, during the Web/Mobile check-in process, only non-emergency exits can be flagged as available, so you cannot select an escape.

The JetPrivilege member number can be entered during the Web/Mobile check-in check-in when making a booking. When you feel you can't make it to the terminal in good Time, you can try to reduce the value of your ticket by getting in touch with Jet Airways early. If you are too slow with the booking formalities and are arriving at the departure gates at the end of the booking formalities, your seats will be assigned to other travellers and you will miss your flights.

Certain passenger classes for which web/mobile check-in is not available exist: Persons with specific needs (unaccompanied minors, pets, disabled persons, those requiring an additional seating, wheelchair or carry passengers). passenger with hard-copy ticket. Travellers with open / waiting list reservations. Employee trips, travellers traveling with Industry / Agent discounted ticket, or those benefiting from upgraded coupons.

There are limits to the web/mobile check-in method. When you have finished the Web/Mobile check-in for example, you can no longer modify your seating position. All Jet Airways services are subject to increased safety precautions, resulting in more thorough documentary checks at the airport. One of the first consequences of this is the immediate effect on the card state.

Any passenger travelling with carry-on bags only on flights within the country can go directly to the safety check point to check the Web Booking Pass and affix a safety stamp before going to the gates. If a passenger has completed the Web/Mobile check-in for a home journey, they must report to the check-in desks at the airports if they have bags to check.

In the case of intercontinental travel, passenger must change the paper e-boarding card for a boarding card that will be displayed at the check-in desk at the destination airports, whether or not they haveluggage. Travellers on US and Canadian departures are allowed to participate in Web/Mobile Check-in up to 48hrs prior to travel, but the e-Boarding Passport will only be created within 24hrs prior to travel.

You will need a badge for all official paperwork at the airports (baggage check, boating, safety check) in addition to your embarkation card. Your current identity document (for foreign passengers). Your on-board card printing is available under certain circumstances. This can be done either by re-visiting the online check-in procedure or directly at the airports counter with your current ID (for domestic flights) or your current ID (for overseas flights).

If you print your card again, it will be clearly indicated as "reprinted", invalidating your existing card. Check-in via Web/Mobile is advised for those who are used to travelling light and with handbags only. You can, however, choose this check-in option even if you have bags that need to be check-in.

If this is the case, take a lot of your own personal travel to check in your bags, so try to be present at the check-in desks at least 45 min before your flight departs for home travel and 60 min before your flight departs for overseas travel. In order to check in your bags, a passport with a photograph is required.

Self-check-in terminals are highly recommendable for those traveling with hand luggage only. It' a 5-step, easy check-in process, everything you need to use it as an eTicket. You can also include your JetPrivilege member number with this safe, real-time check-in process and even run several check-in promotions for your travel companions.

After all, you have to get your crew member's passport printed and then go straight through customs - if you don't have any luggage to check in. SB newsstands are available for use in various periods of the year, according to whether your flights are national or national. If you are traveling within India, you can check in at a newsstand 1 to 45 days before your planned depart.

If you are an international flyer, you can check in from 1 business to 1 flight time before your planned flight time. If you are not present at the gates at least 25 min before your flight departs, your booking will be canceled. In order for kiosk check-in to be possible, certain requirements must be met:

Travellers must be in possession of a current, certified eTicket. The check-in procedure can be applied to a total of four aircraft sections, with both national and intercontinental Jet Airways services permitted. No more than nine people can check in at a newsstand. At certain aerodromes only, travellers can check in at self-service checkpoints.

You can check in at a newsstand in the following towns both within India and abroad: Selected passenger groups are not allowed to use the self-service kiosks: Traveling in D, EL & GL Class. Travellers with specific needs, such as unaccompanied minors, pets, disabled persons, those requiring additional seating, disabled persons or stretchers.

Travelers traveling with Upgrade Vouchers, Industry / Agent Vouchers, JetPrivilege Redeem Trips, Personnel Trips, Intermediate Trips. Changing your seats, entering your frequent flyer number and reprinting your flight card can also be done at a newsstand after you have checked in. You will find the following check-in instructions at a self-service kiosk:

We do not accept a current certified e-ticket, conventional hard copy ticket or DTT ticket. Bordkarte, which is handed out directly at the check-in desk at the end of the check-in procedure and which must be cancelled during safety checks in order to be verified. Applicable photographic ID, such as government ID, driver's licence, voting ID, bank transfer with photograph or ID document, which must be presented at checkpoint and during embarkation (to Jet Airways Customer Service Executive).

In addition to your flight card, you can also have your eTicket (new) printed at Mumbai Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airports. Whereas those traveling with hand bags only can go directly to check-in after the kiosk, those with check-in must reach the check-in desk at least one hours before departure to have their bags marked.

Remember that baggage cannot be checked in without a passport with a photograph, so you should check in early before your flight so that all the necessary paperwork can proceed as smooth as possible. Tweet Check-in, a first of its kind Twitter-based innovative feature, was launched by Jet Airways.

The only thing you need to do is sign up for the Jet Airways Twitter service and submit a Check In DM (Direct Message): check-in < first name > < last name > < PNR > < Dep City > (e.g., check-in Neetu Seth ABCDEF Mumbai). Check in and choose your preferred seating location by just phoning Jet Airways within the appropriate window.

The check-in procedure is only available to First and Première passenger and JetPrivilege Platinum, Gold and Silver members. If you are traveling within India, Jet Airways travelers can perform tele check-in as follows: Check-in call from 2 to 1 hours before take-off. Pick up of the embarkation card at the airports, whether at the ticket offices or at the newsstands, at least 50 min before your depart.

Switches are closed 45 min before the start of the flights, while the embarkation procedure ends 25 min before the planned start of the flights. For international travel, Jet Airways customers can perform tele check-in as follows: Check-in call from 2 to 4 working hour before take-off. Pick up your embarkation card at the airports, whether at the ticket counter or at the kiosk, at least 65 min before your take-off.

JetPrivilege Platinum and Gold members are the only members who can perform Tele Check-in at London Heathrow. At New Delhi and Shivaji Stadium subway stops, boarders can pick up their embarkation passes and check in their luggage. Check-in is available for both national and internationals from 6:30 a.m. to 9 p.m., but only from 12 to 2 a. m. prior to your scheduled depart.

Registered luggage will be shipped to the check-in area, but oversized and breakable luggage will not be allowed at Metro check-in points. Documentary checks for travellers on intercontinental services are performed by Jet Airways staff at the check-in desks and at the airport's embarkation gates. Travellers arriving by boat to Hong Kong Hong Kong can check in at the Lianhuashan, Macau Taipa, Macau Maritime, Shenzhen Shekou and Shenzhen Fuyong harbours and obtain their embarkation card.

Luggage is transported through check-in. Luggage can be check-in at the Abu Dhabi City Terminal (next to Abu Dhabi Mall) or at ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre) 24 to 4 hrs prior to your scheduled flights. The City Terminal in Dammam City, which is next to the SAPTCO bus station and is open every day between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., allows check-in 24 to 6 hrs before take-off.

In the City Terminal you can also pack your registered free hold bags with SafeWrap and you can also foot the overcharge. Once check-in is complete, you can go directly to your screen and board your Jet Airways jet at King Falad International Airports. You can check in extra bags after check-in at the City Terminal at the Frankfurt Aiport.

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