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Windows 7 Windows 7 Macbook Pro

Requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) or later. Take the ISO of Windows 7 first and use Microsoft's DVD/USB Download Tool to create a bootable flash drive. You think you want one single partition with Windows on it? Can I install 64-bit Windows 7 on a Macbook Pro without Boot Camp?

Install Windows 7 on your Mac with Boot Camp

In order to use Boot Camp to run Windows on your Mac, perform the following operations in the order shown below: To use this item as a Windows setup credential, print this item. Go to the Finder and browse to Applications -> Utilities tab and double-click Boot Camp Assistant. On the first intro screen. Specify the Windows Setup partitionsize.

If you want to modify the disk location for Windows 7, click and drag the small separator between Mac OS X and Windows to the right. Please note: Windows 7 needs at least 16 GB of disk storage to perform the installation, but remember that this storage must also be used for all your deployed apps and stored docs. A good place to start might be to choose a 40 GB or larger disk storage capacity (depending on the number of apps you want to install).

As soon as the disk space is finished, you have a new BOTCAMP disk symbol on your computer screen. Then, load your Windows 7 disc and click the Start Setup. The Mac will reboot and reboot on the Windows 7 disc. You will be asked in a dialog on which disk you want to have Windows installed.

Choose the partitions with the name BOOTCAMP.

Continue with the steps below to finish installing Windows 7. Once the Windows setup is finished, place your MAC OS disc and choose RunSetup.exe when asked. When the Boot Camp setup program starts, click Next. Ensure that Apple Software Update for Windows is enabled, and then click Download. Boot Camp installs all necessary driver software.

Click Proceed when the drivers are installed. You will be asked to perform the boot, unmount your Macintosh OS Winter disc from the disk and click Yes to boot.

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