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The consideration of an airfare around the world seems overwhelming when planning your global adventure. Our in-house expert Nick Paul talks about Round the World Tickets this week. Around the world: Ticket's a lot less expensive than you think.

Your specialist travelers have combined seven low-cost air tickets to create a world tour with the world' lightest and most exciting itineraries. From a technical point of view, however, it begins and ends in New York City, since the itinerary runs through the Sydney' s bright and warm coastline, there is no need for the Australians to take it in halfway. Departing for the United States on January 28, the journey benefits from Norwegian Air's aggressive low fare with a three-day journey to Stockholm worth 139 dollars (185 A$).

Faire Warning: It gets quite cool in January, but you'll still be able to admire the 14 isles, 50 viaducts and picturesque paved roads between the city's hot wine. The next is Thailand, where you can defrost for six whole day in the busy Bangkok highways. As the February journey takes three full day through NSW and you can travel to Hawaii on February 9 with Jetstar's $310 (A$413) travelcard.

You' ll stay four nights on Waikiki Island in Honolulu before heading back to New York via the pulsating western coastal town of Portland for $341 (A$454) with Hawaiian Airlines. An 11-hour stay is more than enough to take to the road and taste Oregon's famous breweries before you land at JFK and make your way to Times Square.

Find low cost flights around the world

Like I said last weekend, I am preparing for an adventurous trip around the world! Today I share my route, how much I spent on my flight and above all my advice on how to find cheaper airfares around the world. Hopefully I can show you that travelling isn't always as costly as you would think, and that it inspires you to start planning your own adventures - regardless of your budgets!

Funny fact about me - I am a imaginative mind-setter and provide complex answers to common issues, which proves to be a practical ability in flight-planing. Fares do not always make much difference; the least expensive way from A to B1 could be to fly from A -> C -> C -> C -> C -> S!

If you are looking for a great adventurous experience (or maybe just wonder what might be possible in the future), please continue reading! Most important first - I wager you're quite inquisitive to find out where I'm going on my own journey and what I pay for my flight! Here are the detailed information of my route, the amount of money I payed and the airlines.

I have not yet posted these fares, but they are quoted conservatively, on the basis of research. special real rate for a 5 content round the world ticket: this is currently less than $1700 or 1250 pounds sterling. It' a good fare for this route if I say so myself!

Definitely I could have lowered the rate a little lower by being able to change my route from Spain to Morocco and then directly to London, but we wanted to be in London for Christmas and pay a bonus for it! When you are planing a journey, but your travel budgets are a little tight, there are many different ways you can diversify your travel route and still make an astonishing journey for much less time.

First, before I divide my advice, I want to explain that there are "Around the World" airplanes and then there are airplanes that go around the world - and that's not always the same. Around the world" air travel are specific ticket sales made by airlines. Another option is to put together a set of point-to-point, one-way planes around the world, which I have done.

Booking a "Around the World" pass at a tourist agency if: They have very special goals you want to go to, and you don't want to be too rigid, especially if you are travelling to parts of the world that are not served by budget airlines. It is unpleasant for you to deal independently with accidents caused by travelling (e.g. missing flights).

By booking a "Around the World" ticketing from an air carrier, you have one for your travel and the air carrier is in charge of your whole itinerary. Booking a range of one-way passes around the world when: It is your top priorities to get the very best prices on your flight and you are totally free in terms of data and itineraries.

You' re okay to know that it probably will be costly, if not even possible, to modify your flight. You' ll feel at home if you are "on your own" with the airline companies and have to deal with late departures, visas etc. without assistance. By booking a number of one-way fares around the world, the various carriers do not bother about your other fares.

But if you are highly driven by pricing, point out that one-way ticketing is usually the best one. These are the three most important principals I use to find low cost air travel around the world: Stay agile with my goals and let the prices set my route. First, I make a brief checklist of places I need to go, but then I choose general areas (e.g. Southeast Asia vs. Bangkok) and let the prices of long-haul trips dictate where I go.

If there are no other ways to get a point that is accessible, use it. It is possible to collect free points without a flight in most states. Keep in mind that the world is full of pretty, stunning places and the more you' re agile, the more you' ll be saving up. A harsh reality about scheduling a low -cost journey that you may not want to hear:

When you want the lowest fare, you go to where the lowest fare goes. Remember this when you begin to plan your travel route. Long distance travel is the big travel that forms the core of your travel route, such as a trip from North America to Europe or a trip from Europe to Southeast Asia.

When you have a budgetary situation, it is important that you get these fares as inexpensively as possible because they are generally the most costly. Throughout the world there are certain itineraries which are much less costly than others due to competitive constraints and the existence of low-cost airlines. Dependent on what is available on your schedules, you can get a very simple world pass for about 1500 AUD (1100 USD/700 GBP), although you will probably need to include a few regional or cross-country tickets to finalize the route.

You could, for example, jump over Australia and go directly from North America to Southeast Asia (I've seen Norwegian over Europe from Bangkok to New York for about AUD 500, or China Southern for about AUD 600! As I have already said, however, fares are changing and new carriers or itineraries are appearing all the while.

A good way to find these inexpensive tracks for yourself is therefore to use what kind of money. Use this website to find low cost carriers flying between two towns or even two states. As you can see, there are quite a few inexpensive choices! Normally I look without data, which gives me the lowest cost flight, so I know what to look for.

When you plan ahead (which I recommend), you can try to change your data to get the best offers. Regardless, even if your data is not inflexible, this is still a mighty utility as it will expose you to new carriers or new towns that you can involve in your search.

Generally, I begin with Which Budget to inspire new thinking and then get detailled fares from a better reservation machine. I use or Expedia but it is only a preferences, some users like Skyscanners or Google Flights. You now have a good notion of what there is and how you can make a low -cost, simple sightseeing tour around the world.

Keep on using whatever your kayak or money (or whatever you select for your website) to find, but try some "out of the box" notions. So when I chose to go to South America, I used Which Budget to check out the flight between Australia and South America. I could find the lowest one-way fares over $1300, which was way out of my money.

So I began to check my flight between almost all airports in North and South America. Keep in mind that fares are not always "reasonable"; sometimes longer journeys actually costs less than longer, more straightforward journeys. This is just a few suggestions, but keep in mind that flight fares are constantly evolving.

Prior to surrendering and changing your travel route, please make sure it is a qualifying trip with points for those people. Now let me stand back for a minute and discuss your highflyer points. Me neither. But I collect my F lier Points with my own plastic. Special offers differ from state to state and from banks to banks, but usually you are looking for an air carrier with a large worldwide net (I am a Qantas frequently flier who is part of the One World network) and you are looking for a low cost debit cards.

The way you use points varies from carrier to carrier, but generally the number of points you need is related to the number of mileage you fly; you usually get the best shot for your money if you use your carrier points on long-haul trips or costly itineraries where there are no inexpensive options.

Don't squander your points on shorter home departures or on departures where low-cost airlines already operate. Some last thoughts to help you plan your trip: Discount fares are quickly sold out!

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