Greece Taxi Service

Greek Taxi Service

Here's how you can avoid being cheated in Greece. Taxi in Greece: Tariffs and reservations When traveling to Greece, if you don't have your own rental vehicle, taxi's are the best way to get around Greece, towns and isles. Would you like to organise your Greek taxi shuttle from an international destination such as an international airports, ports, train stations, hotels, etc.? Any type of transfers in Greece can be arranged from one place to another.

According to the location we can organize the transfers with taxi, minibus, bus and car. Athens taxi cabs are highlighted in colour and have a backlit TAXI bill. You can stop a taxi in Greece by lifting your hands or going to a taxi stand (piatsa) in many parts of Athens.

The taxi may already have a passenger in Greece or may get on during the journey, as it is customary in Greece to divide a taxi. The taxi can be rented if the top of the plate is illuminated. In the case of taxi journeys there is a minimal charge and then the rate is fixed by the metre.

Taxi in Greece doubles their ticket prices between 12 a. m. and 05:00 am. Before you get into a taxi in Greece, ask the taxi drivers for the price. Since February 2013, the following lines have been subject to mandatory taxi surcharges. The following chart shows approximate taxi rates from Athens International Airports to the most common locations in Attica.

Protecting yourself against taxi fraud in Greece

There is nothing that can ruin the beginning of your holiday faster than getting picked off by a taxi rider. Taxibra fraud is a major concern for most first-time shoppers in a strange land. Fortunately, in most of Europe they are much less widespread than in the past. It is unlikely that you will be cheated in most West African counties if you adhere to them.

Unfortunately, we cannot say the same about Greece. Ruthless taxi riders have been trying to rob incoming visitors for many years ( and successfully). Athens airports are known for their air corridors to the centre of the town and to the harbour of Piraeus. Indeed, the unfortunate state of affairs is that the Athens International Taxi Airport's premier taxi website is remarkable when it reports: "If you are a traveler, anticipate that most taxi riders will try to calculate you more than the regular fare".

There is nothing new under the stars and the most frequent taxis have not significantly altered over the years. You' re about what you'd expect: Research, know what awaits you, be aware and remain vigilant, and you can avoid the most serious of these misuses.

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