Airport Shuttle Phone number

Shuttle phone number

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your booking While many carriers have similar policies to airline companies, 2 plain baggage and 2 carry-on baggage per person, each carrier will have a different baggage policies. Please contact your transport operator to find out what limitations or charges may be applicable, to include oversized baggage, surf boards, domestic animals, etc.

When you need to void your booking, please read your e-mail acknowledgement and then click on the void button to void it. Please note that you may still be covered by your carrier's cancelation policies. Contact your carrier to find out which legislation applies in the area you are travelling to.

It may be necessary to have your own car seat, but this may vary from supplier to supplier, so ask before you travel. When you have an established booking, you can wait up to 3-5 workingdays for the refund to be made. We will be pleased to help you if you have an already booked accommodation and need help.

Please click below to make your reservation. In your e-mail you will find some short directions where you can get in touch with your airport chauffeur. In case of queries, we suggest that you directly address your transport company using the details provided in your e-mail confirming your order.

When your flights are late, many carriers will be monitoring your air traffic situation, but this may differ from carrier to carrier, so make sure you know your carrier's policies in advance so you can get in touch with them directly. When you feel you have something that you have kept in the car, please consult your transport operator using the details in your verification e-mail.

Should you need to change your booking, please consult your transport operator directly. Please find the details in your e-mail to confirm. Would you like to become one of our partner and see the prices of your airport shuttle, limousine or cab on our website? Please fill in the following and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

When you are looking for a Firmenkonto, please fill out the following contact request and let us know your needs for travellers in your company: When you need help with a new booking, are looking for group fares or are interested in working with companies, let us know how we can make your journey a little bit simpler.

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