Fly Multi City

Flying Multi City

Three-city flights and tailor-made itineraries or circumnavigations for your perfect trip. And you can fly to one place and continue your journey from another. When you want to make an itinerary of several hours, search for your desired flights as several single trips. To discover our holidays in Italy Multi-City, Italy Rail and Italy Fly & Drive click here.

I' ve tried to add a flight to my flight, but it takes me from my destination to another city. starts the multi-city quest and considers the TV ad campaigns. has launched a multi-city quest on its US website and is conducting separate tests of TV advertising in the US as a launch pad for a possible US TV advertising campagne.'s Justin Soffer, General Manager, North America,, says that the possibility to browse cities at once was the most popular function that visitors would like to see.

Multi-City searching allows a consumer to look for up to six source and target couples simultaneously. However, some comparative websites - such as Kayak and Bing Travel - have a multi-city lookup and others - such as FareCompare and Skyscanner - do not have it. Besides the outward and return journey and several cities, kayaking also provides a weekly air travel option (Friday to Sunday).

Meanwhile, Soffer says that has tested the TV commercials in the US, liked the results to date and would in the third trimester determine whether the air meta search site should start a TV ad campaing. There would probably be a nationwide marketing effort in the US, says Soffer, if decided to continue. has already launched a TV advertising drive in the UK. currently serves two major airports - the United States and the United Kingdom - and provides comparison flights only. At the time of this letter, the British website did not have a multi-city query. What about the introduction of accommodation? "We' re still working on improving the aerial scan, but there' always a radar on hotels," says Soffer, and adds that the hospitality industry is offering higher cost per click and better profit margin.

Thinking process during the construction of a Multi-City Award journey

Our reward reservation services, my reward expert, provide us with many interesting enquiries, even those that demand a little creative input. Beijing. On his way to Beijing, he wanted to make a stop in Rome and cross the Pacific to go back. Further demands were at least one Lufthansa First Class sector and the incineration of the remaining Alitalia mileage on at least one Alitalia-pair.

It also sat on a large number of United and Delta mileage. Usually, when I get an awards enquiry aimed at starting the East Coat, stopping in Europe and then going on to Asia, I gravitate to Aeroplan. Aeroplan's "Mini-Round-The-World" fares are not as good as they used to be, but bookings are simple, changes are relatively simple, the room opens at the last moment with Star Alliance members, and a European break is allowed on the way to Asia.

Aeroplan also offers quite individual routes, such as a short stop in Rome, although Rome is not a Star Alliance hubs city. However, as the customer wanted to incinerate his Alitalia mileage on an Alitalia plane, Aeroplan did not want to work in this case. Recently, with the discontinuation of the Mexico City - Rome line, I have not seen a single Alitalia luxury rental car in the USA.

There' s a lot of room between Rome and Tokyo or Beijing. As all Alitalia mileage expires at the end of the monthly, we have set up the journey around the running mileage. My first booking for Rome to Beijing was in Alitalia Business Class for 60K mph and 120EUR. It was no trouble for Rome to get Lufthansa spaces at the last moment.

In the end we book Philadelphia to Washington Dulles on United, then to Washington to Rome via Munich in Lufthansa First Class. Normally, I would use 70K airline mileage ( or 50K Asiana mile if you're prebooked three nights in advance), but if you're seated on seven-digit United mileage, I chose 110K United for that.

Saving about 500 dollars in additional petrol and almost making up for the 40,000 kilometre gap. I had an endless customer stay in Beijing, so no returns were made. Cathay Pacific and JAL were once excellent last minutes resources for top-notch awards, but both have become scarcer and there was no supply on either side, not even to the West Coast or in IB.

First-rate flights to Houston were provided by Air China, and there was ample room for United Awards to Chicago and San Francisco, but the Philadelphia link was not possible with the same fare without a longer stay, inland bus trips or additional stopovers. One of my customers liked to try out new items, and I found that Delta A350 had a "savings room" from Beijing to Philadelphia via Detroit.

There was 94K mile one-way for both sections and the stopover was simple. Barely a theft, but not terrible and he had many delta-mileage. Remark, if he had just gone to Detroit, we could have used 60K Virgin Atlantic mile for the same trip in Delta One Suites.

For the same trips, the customer would have had to pay significantly more (and he did so in the past when the reward room was not opened). Speaking to the FA's, I learnt that this plane would be cancelled at the end of March. It'?s my first plane ride on this plane. The FA said the plane was completely full, and that it was strangely empty.

Pure Kelly and Lucy worked in suite classes. Services did not meet Asiana standards and did not go through the corridors to see visitors except when servicing meals and drinks or security cheques, but if servicing was in order. Ceiling more like a bedspread, and a lot big when I eventually pulled it out, but not upholstered on the seat. What a surprise!

Once the chair is up, there is a lot of room without foot cramps, which I really appreciate. Even though the exit room is cramped, it is readily accessed when the chair is tilted backwards.

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