Private Jet Fractional Ownership

Ownership of private jet fractional shares

Co-ownership: Discover the innovation that has disrupted the private jet rental industry. If you buy a Fractional Jet Share, you pay for co-ownership of a particular aircraft. Since most companies that operate fractional jet programs have entire fleets of aircraft, it is unlikely that you will use "your" aircraft on every flight. The cost plays an important role when deciding between a jet card and owning a fractional jet. As a rule, the main costs with a jet card are the flight hours.

Fractional Jet Ownership: Jet Private Services

We have many of our best customers in the field of fractional jet ownership. First and foremost, this is due to the many advantages that many may not know about using Corporate Jet charter. In the following, we will examine the versatility and possible costs saving of the private jet ownership Charter for Fractional Jets.

And one of the greatest advantages of fractional ownership charters is the pure versatility that they offer. At a fraction of the cost, the airplane may be continuously in motion to satisfy the travelling needs of all fraction holders - often making it virtually impossible for the airplane to be secured for your own use during the period you need it, especially at shorter times and peaks.

Often there are minimal termination demands when the partial agreement, which can be limited for a challenging itinerary that often needs adjustment, is limited. In addition, a fractional agreement allows a certain number of flying lessons per year, if your travelling needs exceed these allocated lessons, you may suffer undue punishment.

It is often up to the fractional owners to keep an eye on the flying times throughout the year. This frustration does not exist if you are working with an incumbent jet charters group. Initially, 356 flights a year will give you limited free entry to different models of planes and the option to modify your itinerary as you wish - often with less than an hour's advance warning so you'll never be let down.

Better yet, the charter gives you the agility to find a particular plane for your evolving needs. So if you need a lightweight jet for a fast single night excursion and a large local jet for a corporate incentives the next morning, that's no big deal. In comparison to fractional jet ownership, jet charter can be a much more cost-effective option.

Choosing the smallest or cheapest plane for each and every journey is a good way to keep private air fare down. In addition, when chartering an airplane, you eliminate the significant purchase price, recurring maintenance charges based on the montly propellant charge, and a multi-year lease that comes with a fraction of the ownership.

Through the use of a jet charters companies, you pay for exactly what you use, at an even per hour charge. It has no purchase costs, no maintenance charge and certainly no agreement. The following is a real saving achieved by one of our customers when renting a Citation Jet airplane.

You are a fractional shareholder? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us to create your own expense report so you can see exactly what you can save with a jet charters group.

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