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The Narita is 60 km from Tokyo. Privately owned transfers are very costly. You know, most folks take a rail or two. At the airport website you will find the airport information. Well, the answers depend on where you're going in Tokyo. It'?s sometimes a platoon, sometimes a coach. Even the lowest price may not be the best if you balance everything.

Recently my familiy went to Tokyo (11.11.11-17.11) and we took the Keisei Skyliner from Narita to Ueno Station. That'?s the quickest way to Tokyo. In the end we took the frequent commuter rail services to Narita and almost skipped our plane, as the route can be very bewildering. We' re gonna hold onto the Skyliner on our next voyage.

Yes, the best way would be by rail or coach, because the cab will be very costly. Busses run from Narita to Shinjuku or other places at a good rate and they are also cheap alternatives for rail travel. When you take the commuter lines, you can travel more cheaply, but there is also the Narita fast line, which is more costly.

However, the trains and buses are definitely much less expensive. Otsuka is where I live, so there are 3 possibilities for me: Which will be better for me as this is our first trip to Japan? The railroads in Japan are frightening, and I'm worried we might get caught up in the transfers as our departure is in the mornings.

Not to Ueno, but to Nippori and then to the Otsuka line on the Nippori line. This is the quickest way and includes a shuttle, and it is easily understood. There may be people on the line, but that will depend on peak traffic time, etc. On the other hand, the NEX route takes you to Ikebukoro, a very crowded railway terminal, and then you still have to change to a line along the famous Jamanote line to get to Otsuka (unless you take a cab from Ikebukoro to your Otsuka resort, which might be a good option if you have a lot of luggage).

I' m always taking the Tokyo subway. and Yokohama, which is quite cheap. Anyway, if you have to switch to the Yamanote Line, I would choose Keisei + Yamanote Line, which transfers to Nippori, as proposed by Maple. Ikebukuro' is a little bit on a tight timetable, and overall it is a bit slow than Skyliner.

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