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Pickup Point. Give us a call today to book your Sydney Maxi Taxi Shuttle today!

To book a Maxi-Taxi

Book a maxi taxi is an uncomplicated procedure. You will then be asked to fill in your invoice information and you will be directed to our bank's online safe deposit slip to input your personal information. Never see these particulars except whether your deal is authorized or not. Your reservation data will be sent to us at the same aime.

At Maxi-Taxi we look forward to offering you the Maxi-Taxi-Adventure.

Townsville Taxis. Maxi Taxi.

The Maxi Taxis are our most varied taxis; ideal for large groups (up to 10 people) or the large cumbersome part that does not crowd into a car. The Maxi also offers double accessibility with the possibility of carrying up to 5 people, so if you are on your way to a sports meeting or a stroll, the Maxi is the right choice!

In order to book a Maxi-Taxi, simply call us at 131-008. If you specifically order a Maxi taxi, please be aware that you may have to charge a higher fare that is currently 50% above the current fare, which is less expensive than taking two vehicles. Please be aware that the Maxi fare is NOT legally applicable to hail or if a member of the group is restricted to a single chair, the Maxi fare may NOT be used.

Booking a taxi online

Crown Cabs Taxi Reservation forms integrate directly into our taxi and disposition system. When you book online, the closest car such as limousine (most likely), maxi taxi or station wagon will be sent. To book a particular type of car such as a maxitaxi, station wagon or wheelchair taxi, please call 1300 12 13 14 for a specialist reservation facility.

Preconfirmed bookings

Preconfirmed reservations give you the opportunity to have your reservation approved by a chauffeur well in time for your reservation. This not only contributes to your taxi arriving on schedule, but you will also know that your Swan Taxis chauffeur has been chosen as a highly qualified and friendly one.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hrs in advance. A minimum of A $9 supplement to the regular ticket price is charged for this reservation option. These include the regular $1.50 reservation charge. So does that mean I have to make an additional payment to get a cab? It is for those who need or want a higher standard of services.

When you book in advance, you do not need to use the pre-confirmed reservation services. As in the past, the vast majority of our clients will continue to make advanced reservations at no extra cost. Does that mean it's gonna be more difficult to get a cab in good time-- unless I get the $9?

At Swan Taxis, we are constantly striving to enhance our taxi services and enhance our services to higher standards. Is it still possible to book more than 24 hrs in advance without paying the supplement? Fees are part of a new package of services that can be ordered at your option.

We have not had any changes to our scheduled services. What is the Preconfirmed Reservation process? The available drivers can then take the reservation. Drivers will get a copy of your reservation and the reservation will be shipped on schedule. But what happens if the rider does not make the reservation or is too late? What happens if the rider is too slow?

Failure by a chauffeur to show up within 10 mins of the reservation date will void the $9 reservation charge. Drivers must also supply a proper apology for Swan taxis.

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