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Healthy - Drivers often have to pass a health check to ensure that they have no conditions that could endanger passengers. TAXI DRIVER REQUIREMENTS IN GEORGIA. Drivers must complete a two-day passenger service and safety certification course.


They have asked us to consider whether there are new nationality and residence requirements applicable to taxi companies and other kinds of car owners offering flights to Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport and other Georgia Aports. In particular, you wanted to know if these riders (1) must be U.S. nationals and (2) must have lived in Georgia for five years before qualifying to race these cars.

This office is in charge of the certification and regulation of all these Atlanta metropolitan areas related activities, as well as those that provide ground handling related activities to the area. Joanne Smith, a desk superintendent, says there have been no changes to the requirements recently. According to Atlanta Citys regulation  162-77, in order to obtain a license to drive a car, the requester must:

2. Have been in possession of a current state driving licence for at least one year before filing an applicant's request; 3. Be a U.S. national or a foreign national who is approved by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service as a permanent residents or otherwise obtaining a work permit; 4. Reside in Georgia for at least one year immediately before filing an applicant's request; 5. Demonstrate adequate knowledge of English to be able to read and construe road signs, provide passenger receipt in writing, and comply with orders issued by the law, order of the law, and order of the authorities; 6.

Successful completion of a driver course for new candidates managed by a business and authorised by the office; 7th fingerprint of the police and delivery of two recent photos to the office for taxis and rental cars that meet certain requirements; 8th Smith explained that these have been approval requirements for several years and no changes have been suggested to them.

With Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport's Earth Operations Division, we have also checked that although pilots who provide groundhandling operations to the Hartsfield Atlanta International Airports must obtain a specific groundhandling permit from the General Air Operations Officer, no extra skills beyond those provided by the Bureau of Taxis and Vehicles for Hire may be required.

Atlanta International Atlanta International Atlanta International Atlanta International Atlanta International Atlanta Airport operates by the Ministry of Aviation of the City of Atlanta.

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