Round the World Flights from Sydney

Around the world flights from Sydney

Flights non-stop between London and Sydney could follow shortly. Madrid, Sao Paulo, Santiago, Auckland, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, London, Dublin. Make flights around the world for your dream trip of the StudentUniverse. The Sydney and Los Angeles multi-stop fare. Could a round-the-world flight also include Havana as one of the stations?

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Flights around the world, Cuba included

The only flights that most humans (i.e. all except the Cuban emigrants who live in the USA) fly to Cuba from the most apparent take-off point, the USA, are to Guantanamo Bay. That is due to a decade-long U.S. Act that prohibits any acknowledgment or trade with Cuba.

Anticuban government attitudes are so strongly anchored in U.S. law that if you book a Havana trip with the same fare as a U.S. carrier such as Continental Airlines, US Airways or United Airlines, etc., they will void all your reservations, invalidate your reservations and deny embarkation on any of their flights.

If, for example, you are flying with Iberia to Havana, taking a stand-alone plane with a completely stand-alone fare to Montego Bay in Jamaica or Grand Cayman, and then flying American Airlines to Miami from there, you are not permitted! Working with a world travel professional like Travel Nation, it is possible to involve Cuba either at the beginning or end of your world itinerary.

On the world air transport scene, there are two major carriers that can be used to travel between Cuba and the UK without going through the USA: Virgin flies twice a week on a non-stop route directly from London to Havana and Iberia has a dayly service via Madrid.

For the remainder of this paper, you will expect to travel around the world in a western orientation, although the same flight/conditions will hold if you travel in an eastern orientation. Your next Havana flight with Virgin is from L.A., San Francisco or Vancouver across the Pacific.

In order to get there, 99% of locals need a seperate Havana to Cancun (the cheapest) or Mexico City travel pass and head from there to the USA. In addition, if you are travelling to Havana with the Iberia, you have the opportunity to travel with the other One World carriers from Iberia, Lan, who offer a once a week trip between Havana and Santiago in Chile.

Otherwise, the next cheaper alternative is to buy a tickets to Cancun or Mexico and find the way from there (Lan Peru has an interesting flights from Mexico City to Lima in Peru for example). The most important thing to keep in mind when traveling to the U.S. and starting your journey with a plane to Havana on the Iberian Peninsula is that you cannot use American Airlines flights as part of your primary airline ticketing around the world.

Like so often, the extra costs of getting Cuba on a World Pass will usually be less than a fare for a separately travel from the UK, so if you've always wanted to travel to Cuba and are thinking of going around the world, take a look.

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