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and Springfield Oregon's community taxi service. EMERGENCY CITY Taxi | Taxi Service The Emerald City Taxi is a small company based on the ideal of delivering an Oregon taxi services that serve the needs of our citizens and our communities. Concentrating on the Eugene taxi industry, we believe we can make a contribution by offering a quick and dependable taxi experience for college kids, senior citizens, vets and everyone in between.

Rapidly growing since September 2015, we are committed to keeping the business mobile and offering the best taxi services available.

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I' m late on my call, so I phoned to let her know and postpone the pick-up date. I' m getting a text that they're on their way. Nobody was there, so I phoned and they said they had 4 taxis on the way to me waiting 30 min and still nobody showed up.


Eugene / Springfield Oregon and Greater Lane Region are served for all your transport needs. The usual taxi rides we offer include airfield bookings, promotions, medical emergencies, purchasing tours and secure transport to and from nearby bars, wine estates and parties. Using our facilities will help us to improve the life of our locally living, wounded and experienced people.

If you are an energetic member of the army and your family, we also provide rebates. Just show us your army or veteran ID and we will give you a rebate of %10 on your overall rate. Our full commitment is at the grassroots community scale, bringing our sector expertise to bear and providing consultancy services to city and county government organisations.

For more information about the PPV communities, please visit the following government link: Our involvement at municipal and district levels is based on our expertise in the sector and our support of the airport organisation. For more information about the ground handling association, please follow the airport links below.

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