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Alaska Airlines has some powerful words for Randi Zuckerberg.

Alaska Airlines just proclaimed Randi Zuckerberg in a very open cover note that is likely to appear soon on Facebook, the small website her sister has. Sugarberg said the cabin crew were offering to take her to a central rear seats on the aircraft, but she declined, because why should she have to move if she was the one being molested?

We have contacted Alaska Airlines to receive further comments. Meatburger imitations are enjoying increasing success, with 600% more Americans today who identify themselves as a vegan than 3 years ago.

Here is what Alaska Airlines did when Randi Zuckerberg told me to be molested sexual on a plane.

Firstly, one would have to be a true idiot of an air traveler to molest a travel companion on a plane for sexual reasons. "But thirdly, you have to be a particular kind of stupidity when the sacrifice has a roughly as wide SI Megaphon as any other on the planet: Randdi Zuckerberg, creator of Zuckerberg Medien and sibling of Facebook creator Mark Zuckberberg.

I' m not going to go over everything the molester said; you can read Zuckerberg's post here and here if you want to see the bloody detail. But, in conclusion, he reportedly discharged on her with "explicit, obscene and grossly insulting sexually suggestive remarks," from the instant she ascended the first category of cabin of an Alaska Airlines flight.

So when she made a complaint to the plane's employees, they supposedly said they "should have talked to him about his past behaviour. Through a traveller who has a KNOWLEDGE story by these cabin crew members of being unreasonable and insulting in the past," Zuckerberg texted in an email to Alaska Airlines executive managers, which she then posted on Facebook and Twitter.

However, I guess neither the molester nor the cabin crew recognised Zuckerberg's name or knew who she was. Since Zuckerberg has more than 1.2 million follower on Facebook and nearly 200,000 on Twitter, you can easily believe that the event that she published on Twitter was spread quite quickly.

Alaska Airlines responded to Zuckerberg within 90 min of its contribution, in its favour. Sugar Mountain soon thereafter upgraded it: "Alaska Airlines. I just got off the telephone with two senior people. Initially, the insulting occupant cannot even get a centre saddle in the back of the aircraft. Its " trip benefits have been withdrawn " on Alaska Airlines until an inquiry, the carrier said in a declaration.

Alaska Airlines may have a larger issue, at least one aeronautical rights specialist thinks. Air travel attorney Andrew J. Maloney said to the New York Times that Zuckerberg's account of the event could lead to good lawsuits against the airlines over the reactions of their steward.

"Consumers have a right to be safe, and airlines have a statutory obligation to keep them safe from molestation, especially when they know that a traveller is being molested," Mr Maloney said to the Times. "When Mrs. Zuckerberg informed the cabin crew of this man's behaviour, they should have taken him to another place or thrown him out of the plane."

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