Pco Licence new Rules

New Pco license rules

The new Clause 9 - Rental of personal vehicles: conditions in which a driving licence is required: March 25, 2014: Committee for Municipal Accounts We are clearly not saying that the present licence system goes beyond enhancement, we are hoping that the Legal Commission will see enhancements in its work - and there is certainly a need for better flexibilisation. If, however, we rush the new provisions in this way, there is a risk that outside the full framework of the Legal Affairs Commission's on-going work, misgivings will arise which will not necessarily be taken into account by this exercise, especially as we did not yet have the concluding text.

Mr President, I was struck by the work of the Northumbria Constabulary with Vera Baird, our Constabulary and Detective Officer, to make sure that taxi cab operators and transport vehicle operators are made aware of the risks that especially trafficked persons may face later in the day when trying to get home in a potentially drunken state.

In addition to reducing customers' choices, the new provision could affect licence issuing and law enforcement procedures by public administrations, as it would weaken their capacity to monitor norms in their territories and thus endanger them. "As in Newcastle, many government agencies have guidelines that regulate the look and feel of cabs and HHVs to make sure they are unmistakable to the public.

However, we are opposed to the government's gradual changes to the regulations on personal car rentals, which are totally inadequate in the light of the extensive reform proposals made by the Law Commission. It is interesting to note that trades union organisations, industrial associations and many others have criticised me and many other members for the hasty character of the added provisions.

It would be better for us to get together in this way with the industries, the riders and the groups of passengers, instead of pushing controversial provisions through Parliament - I trust I have shown that the provisions are controversial - with a deadline of less than a fortnight. There has been a complete lack of consultations on the new provisions.

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