Taxi Rome Train Station

Rome taxi station

The bus station is directly behind the taxi stand. Hello everyone, we will arrive by train (Termini station) in Rome. What is the cost of a taxi from Roma Termini Station to the Colosseum in Rome, Italy?

Be careful of taxi riders at Termini Station - Rome Forum

Hi, I just wanted to tell you my taxi experiences from my last journey to Rome. Once we had returned the rented vehicle at the station, we needed a taxi to our 3 road drive to our guesthouse (we had a lot of baggage, so we couldn't walk). Before we left I asked the taxi drivers how much it would be.

So he got out of the truck, tossed our bags onto the pavement and said we could run. And he also said to other taxi riders not to take us with them - they are all a big mob at this booth. So we went to the station's front door and marked a taxi from the road.

All I wanted to do was let you know to bypass this taxi rank - it's on the right when you leave the station - at the end of the walkway. Stop a taxi on the road and make sure the counter is on. At the tourism bureau I asked where I could call it in when I recorded the license and taxi numbers, but they were looking at me when I just got off Mars.

I' m not sure what taxi rank you used. You will find the offical booth in front of the station entry on the right, if you have your back to the station. Have you been at another exits from the station? 8.50 may sound a little much, but there are additional costs for picking up at Termini station, so this may be the right one.

I was at the Rome Termini on September 24. So I went to the taxi stand in front of the station. As I tried to take a taxi with the officials, they didn't want to help for some reasons and marked an inofficial taxi that offered me a lump sum of 30 Euros for the Spanisch Step.

Refusing to use an "unmetered" taxi, I went back to the taxi cabs. I' ve just spend two week in Italy on work and used many taxi in Florence and Milan. I' ve never been denied a cab by an officially licensed taxi number. Only to indicate the position of the taxi ranks I was trying to use:

It' s on the right side with your back to the station. Input/output is the one with all the rentals on Via Giolitti, I suppose it was the central desk, I went the whole length of the construction, there was no other booth except the one on the far right - right next to the commercial center next to the stationhouse.

They had a big plate with a "cab" on the pavement. It is not in Via Giolitti but in Piazza dei Cinquecento. but I don't know if it's officially on. On my first journey to Rome, I was seized by this fraud.

When I asked him, his answer was that there are 2 different cabs that provide for tourist with cases. We' re in Praiano now, but we just got back from Rome. So we used the taxi rank on the right with our back to the station, and all we saw there were "official" radio cabs.

When we came from Florence to Rome, the queue of taxi drivers was very long. On the other hand, the taxi cabs rolled in constantly and the line was moving fast. Like in my last article, the officials didn't want to help me and called an informal taxi for me, but I declined to use it.

So it seems that in fact there is no formal system and you have to be on your toes at all time.

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