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According to the firm, if a rider is not available, he will be sorting it out. I' ve inserted the e-mail I got below. I' ve got a cab reservation. With less than an hours before our landing and while we were still in the skies, they canceled the reservation as there was no chauffeur and offer a 5 pound coupon (!).

Later in the evening we were abandoned without transportation at the parked airfield and had to take a very costly taxi at the last second. I' ve arranged two trips through this site. Our first trip went well for us, although the rider said he had to travel about 25 mile in the early morning in order to collect us to complete the reservation - luckily our goal was in the right way for him to get home.

It was the same airline that was hired to meet us at another international destination a fortnight later. The reservation was unsuccessful on that date because the respective companies could not supply a chauffeur to collect us at the desired date. Please note that I can certify that a full reimbursement has been made.

It would also be a Mercedes certified by telephone with taxi price comparison. I' ve phoned a shocking firm they mail for over a weeks. E-mail came in saying that A1 taxi was reserved, but no chauffeur acknowledged that I was not three and a half from my marriage, and after I phoned A1 taxi themselves, they have no idea of my reservation, I will be billed by these guys 135 pounds for a two-hour reservation of two passenger transporters to take my guest from the motel in the grave to the townhall, waiting half an hour and then taking them all to the country inn in the grave, which was shook by A1 taxi.

Now I have no more cash to go somewhere else or a taxi service.....I am totally angry about what this firm has done. Please send me a reply, my full refund so that I can rebook someone directly or a phone call back from the rider so that I can get in touch with the airline and verify that it has been reserved and will participate.

Really, they take your cash and let you down... they haven't even taken the cab ride in over awe. Reserved and reconfirmed for restitution. I tried to click on the shortcut from the e-mail, and the shortcut came with an incorrect "Not saved"! This is 2 hrs before the taxi is due to collect.

Five and a half and no way to reach our support team. Possibly the hotelservice was used instead. This is a firm I wouldn't believe. They' re very expensive. You canceled my reservation, but billed me 75% of my fees. Zero after sales knowledge no negotiations in high price and took my cash within an hour of my call.

I' m gonna watch out for the Hai firm. I received an e-mail canceling my reservation after we leave the event location. Bookings were made with A1 taxis. Hello Robert, We would also like to ask you to consider whether this evaluation is more suitable for the Mini Cab companies you have made reservations with than for us, the Cooking Agents.

So when we phoned the pursuit, we were informed that no drivers were available and we had received a refund..... This is a shock after you have received a million pieces of information from us and given us two vehicles available at the moment of your reservation. Seems that you used our ASAP services and were rejected by the mini cab provider shortly after.

Because we are not the owner but a reservation agency, we would never reverse the reservation at the last moment. Please also check whether this check is better suited for the Mini Cab companies you have contracted with than for us, the Cooking Agents. My reservation in the apartment was not made with the same firm that my reservation was with.

Then, a few hrs before the reservation was to take place, the firm (24/7 Watford Cabs) canceled and left us with a bad dream of finding a home elevator. Answer to the answer from TAXI COMPARE: As an agency you are in charge of my reservation and I have never got any message or support from you when the taxi was canceled, as such I would not use your services again - as for the name of the taxi operator - it is in the above overview.

Because we are not the owner but a reservation agency, we would never reverse the reservation at the last moment. If you could, however, give us your reservation references, we will be pleased to examine the issue on your behalf for you and address the carrier on your own account. Please also check whether this check is better suited for the Mini Cab companies you have contracted with than for us, the Cooking Agents.

It'?s a fraud, this firm! You book and you don't mind if you get your journey from the designated agents. I' ve got a round-trip ticket from and to the terminal for £85. Drivers didn't show up. Over a 15 minutes timeframe I had over $26 worth of overseas phone conversations, and in the end LHR Cars (probably a legit company) cancelled my reservations.

This LHR enterprise also assumed no liability. In addition to the 85 quid I gave this firm, I had to spend 70 quid to get to our motel and got a lovely return trip with another firm for 50 quid. If they are not reliable and should not be in use, they will not take responsibilities if they do not provide the services.

I spent 225 quid in all on a journey that was supposed to be 85 quid when they provided the services. I' m trying to cover some of my expenses through my credential firm. You will initiate a scam inquiry against this enterprise and its affiliated companies. Made a reservation on their website and got a reservation receipt with a ticket clearly showing the chosen adress.

In spite of my e-mail confirming that the site I chose was accurate, they tried to reason that it was not their site that made the mistake, and if I wanted to reverse the mistake and not paid the supplement, I would only be eligible for a 25% reimbursement. Obviously something they do all the while to lure folks with a good price and then try to calculate additional costs......

I' ve lost a lot of money now because I canceled my reservation, but I refused to spend more time with this one. Don't rely on the website.....I posted an transfer to the airports and got the first e-mail saying "My chauffeur has been assigned". On the next morning, without a verification e-mail, I phoned twice to find out that they were 'working on it'.

Without taxi, the last night before my flight...clearly promoted rates and availabilities, without knowing if they can keep the reservation. As we are not the operators but a reservation agents, we would never reverse the reservation at the last moment and ask you to check whether this check would be better for the Mini Car companies you have reserved with than for us, the reservation agents.

However, we apologize for the services we provide and can ensure that we take all our customers' dissatisfactions seriously. Wish I could lower this company's rating. We' ve more than one early-afternoon taxi booking confirmed, payed and obtained to take us to the airports for a holiday.

That taxi was a no-show and to top it off with a little bit of salty, there was an e-mail that was sent while we were sleeping saying that the firm that had posted it could not make it all of a sudden, but they had a substitute for double the price!!! Taxicab code apologized, but said that it was not their fault, they are the courier.

Hello Scott, we would never reverse the reservation at the last moment as we are not the owner but a reservation agency. Please also check whether this check is better suited for the Mini Cab companies you have contracted with than for us, the Cooking Agents. NEVER, EVERYONE, trust this firm.

Do NEVER place your faith in this firm. I was late on my plane, so I got a fee for the change of state. While I was on the telephone at the terminal they also said I had to give the taxi rider an additional 20 quid or they could call off the taxi. As soon as you have made your payment, you can be detained as a captive for more or no taxi.

So when the truck picked us up, he had to stop for a cup of tea to wake up. I really enjoyed my experiences with this business. Caution to all new users: DO NOT RELEASE what they are advertising or some of their terms as they will not agree depending on which taxi service they find.

Attempting to solve excessive demands, unprovided services, and harmful speech with them and they simply do not want to help. Do not use this terrible facility!

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