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VTOL's headlong personnel aeroplane design is not for the weak nerves.

Yeah, that's a mind that marks the end of this horrible personal flying game. Basically, the so-called dart flyer can be regarded as a quad copter with a flying cockon above it. Absolutely none for jittery passengers, it was entered as a participant in the GoFly challenge hosted by Boeing.

Dart Flyer was developed by Ray Research AG, an airplane construction firm, and is built on a small, remote-controlled tailitter plane that the firm believed could be efficiently scalable to a one-man plane that could turn the living organism into a rocket with your bomb as its nose.

This wing spans only 2.4 meters (7.9 ft) and the design has a mere 2 meters (6.6 ft) high, which means it would accommodate most car parks. We have no idea what the control systems inside the plane might look like, but we can definitely advise you to book a physical after every trip - and a cardiac surgeon beforehand.

Dart Flyer was entered as a contribution to the GoFly competition, which challenged participants to come up with a personal glider that could fly 32 kilometres with a solo pilots on aboard in a "safe, useful and exciting" way - this glider definitely did cover the "exciting" part.

GoFly, a Boeing sponsor, is bidding $20,000 for first round submission of engineering papers and $50,000 for VTOL technology demonstration. Competition ends with a fly-off on October 1, 2019, where a million-dollar award waits for the best overall scores, as well as quarter-million-dollar awards for the softest and smallest entrants and $100,000 for "disruptive state of the art development.

It will be a funny competition to keep an eye on - especially if Ray Aircraft succeeds in building this dart flyer into an original sized prototyp es and flying human.

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