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The Liberty is a transport for London approved private lessors based in the United Kingdom; London. Private Black Taxis & Private Individuals.

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Minicab Company Affordable & Exclusive Corporate Rent a Car Program

Offering several offices and innumerable chauffeurs across London to ensure your next trip is just a second away. We have been on the market for 50 years and our credentials as one of the top five car hire firms in London have developed. Providing competitively priced rates and an unparalleled level of customer care to ensure that our clients are at the centre of our ethical business.

The fastest expanding mini-cabin company in London. Clients throughout London.

Minicab car hire company Minicab

At Ibis Cars we are a premier privately owned car rental company in Chiswick. Minicab & Minicab offer services in and around Chiswick, encompassing Chiswick, Brentford and Hammersmith. Ibis Cars is available 24x7, for trips to towns, long distances, airport transfers and connections to train and bus stops, seaports and other places of interest.

At Ibis Cars, we strive to offer the most trusted PHV or Minicab rental services in the Greater London area. Thanks for using the Ibis Cars website.

Deluxe cabin rental London

You can rely on ZedCarZ's commitment to providing you with everything you need to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable when it comes to dependability and safety. Regardless of whether you are on the road for business or pleasure, you will find everything about your trip that works like a clockwork. Enjoy the comfort of our intelligently presented riders, all our English speaking and custom designed TedCarZ riders, so you can be sure they know the best way to your destinations and are always ready to help with anything you need.

See the differences of TedCarZ today. We are at your disposal for all your commercial or personal rental needs of personal taxis. The MPV mini-cab or MPV is well suitable for group transfer and can transport up to six persons together with your bags. Thanks to its large boot, the Kombi or Kombi is the perfect option for those traveling with more space.

This is the perfect multi-purpose vehicle for your trip. We' ve been using ZedCarz, formerly Mogul, for over 20 years. Excellent and dependable client care. Rent three month, never too late for any opportunity. It is definitely the best and definitely my only option for renting a vehicle in the world.

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