Colombo International Airport Taxi Service

Columbo International Airport Taxi Service

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! Beautiful Sri Lanka welcomes guests from all over the world at its only international Bandaranaike Airport. Provides airport transfer and ground transportation Srilanka Colombo Airport.

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To find the town you would like to visit, if they are not on the list or if you do not know the name of the accommodation or if you only know it, please do not hesitate to ask or get in touch with us. When you are happy with our prices, please fill in the following information and return it to us. As soon as we have recieved it, we will again confirm the prices and availabilities.

Once we receive the answer sheet, we will make the reservation as confirmation. What time does the airport arrive, where can you find the chauffeur? The chauffeur will be waiting with your name tag in the arrivals lounge when the reservation is made. Upon leaving, he will be waiting in the loft of your accommodation.

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Your security is our top concern, which is why you can make advance bookings for your car seat when you make your reservation - so that you feel secure and your trip is secure and convenient for the whole team! Travelling should not be stressing, therefore we take your sport gear completely free of charge.

From Bandaranaike International Airport to Colombo - Taxi Thorn Tree

Hello Vin, the gentlemen in doubt was probably working for one of the prepaid taxi drivers in rivals. I just estimate since I favour the cheaper busses, but I would estimate that the Colombo taxi should be about 3000 Rh and the Galle journey about 7000. You have some restrictions on who is allowed to collect from the airport and who is not, but if there is such a restriction regarding the collection of a price by an airport taxi, why not just get on the free prearrival shuttles, take the 10 minutes drive to the city of Katunayake and take a taxi from there.

Or contact a few locals before you leave and organise a pick-up service from the airport. Those self-employed travel agents may not be interested in a price from the airport to Colombo, but they would certainly do the gall run for about half (or less) of what was offered to you.

There' s a rail service now, too. From the airport to Colombo Town. As most things in Sri Lanka the line was rebuilt, the new trains were arranged for the journey and then they realized that it disturbed the locals so that, as far as I know, they only made one journey a early afternoon a day.

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