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Number of the service cabin

All in all, the service cab is reliable and has good drivers. One service cabin - CLOSED - 15 reviews - Taxis - 3704 Airline Dr, Metairie, LA - phone number I' ve used Service Cab on a number of opportunities without any problem! You always reach us within the timeframe specified by yourispatcher. Taxis were always neat and smelly beautiful. Riders were kind and very pro.

Today this enterprise is known under the name STAR CABS!!!! on. yesterdays I used their service and Henry was my chauffeur and he was very professionally, helpfully and a real gentlemen!

STAR CABS will remain my most important taxi service provider for the time being! Make a trip with NOPD before getting into one of their taxis as you would probably be better off in OPP for the rest of the day. On Saturday mornin', November 18th, I used the taxi service. There was a free shuttles in the guesthouse, but they didn't begin to walk until 5am and we had to be there at 4:15am, so the guesthouse required 2 taxis as there were 5 grown-ups and 1 newborn.

Taxis were about 10 min too late, which was fine. The next one I' ll think about using Uber! I' m outraged at the telephone service in the service cabin. Now, the girl who answers the phones needs a serious approach. I broke my goddamn auto, and I've had to take a cab a lot lately.

The third call I made, the lady not only cursed me on the telephone but also hanged me. A few week ago, when we returned home after a beautiful Sunday meal, we were almost struck by a taxi when we turned off to our entrance on the street on the left, with our indicator on.

Whoever tried to stop by is on the LINKS! While we saw him in good season and could prevent a crash, we are so angry about the ship less train that we followed the taxi as it ran away. Calling the taxi service, I told them about the less frequented shipwreck and was sure I would get a call from the owners the next one.

Don't use this business. It is obvious that they have no concerns about the security of the municipalities they are serving by placing hazardous operators in their cabins. Hopefully they won't injure anyone, but it will if that' the kind of rider they use. Not even taking my chance to use this service.

When she was on standby for almost 8 to 10 mins, a lady came to the telephone and very impolitely said "service cabin" as if I had interrupted her sleep! Then I asked if there were taxis for 4am next day, and she replied that they don't make orders.

In fact, I know when they don't have orders of times that I should call before when I want to be collected. Thing is, she could have answered readily "please call 30 min before" or she could have asked where I was so she could give me a timeline when to call.

For the first outing in a taxi yesterday evening and I found it quite simple and enjoyable even on New Year's Eve. Hank, my chauffeur, only needed 25 minutes to come to me after calling the dispatchers, even though the New Year's Eve store kept her very occupied. Now I know it was mad for all taxi businesses on the last one. but that's exactly the way Dave, the dispatchers, is most of the while.

It doesn't handle issues well and I had a few issues as this was my first taxi ride. Because I' ve been calling Dave over 1000 different calls in the last 11 years while working in a hotel. Just call the service cabin and 90% of the while you will reach Dave on the telephone.

All in all, the service cab is reliable and has good operators. I waited over 30 min. for a taxi from another firm and was stopped twice by that firm, so I finally gave Service Cab a syringe. In less than 10 min the chauffeur was at my Metairie resort and took us safely to a place in New Orleans.

The 2 star are just for the call centre. The reception of our guesthouse phoned the taxi service, gave them our name and said it would be 15-20 minutes. She did and the service centre said she didn't call and didn't let her have a name.

and the receptionist had to reason with them before asking for the cabin again. That shouldn't have been allowed to happen, the service centre should have simply apologised and sent someone immediately. Incompetence. After the second call the cabin came within 10 minutes. The taxi operator was as kind as possible.

I somehow phoned the fake taxi firm (I wanted the one I used in the past), but it turned out to be a big bug. And they were tufa stone that could be handled on the telephone and made me wait over an hour at the airport, I know I should have phoned someone else.

but when he asked for a tip, I was done! Do not think I will use it again and make sure I call the right address next year. l wanted to give a goddamn badge to a goddamn bad guy because they forget us! They just didn't show up but they quickly repaired their bug and the rider was really kind and gave a small touring.

Most taxis do not allow direct debits or credits, so you must have money. After 45 mins I asked where the taxi that put me down was, and they had someone answer their calls, Elise. And then when I recalled, she said she didn't. At 5:00, phoned to arrange a 6-passenger delivery truck at 6:00.

Well, I talked to a very kind woman. About 10 min. after she waited for her to see if a vans was available, she said, no worries, a vans would be there at 6:10 a.m., a lone auto shows up. Again I phoned back, the lovely woman replied, checked my tickets, put me on standby, a man replied, said a vans was not available and they sent two vehicles.

So I said they should have phoned and said there was a difference. And so I ended the call on the telephone and asked the taxi cabbie to continue. It'?s not a poor cab fare, but some of them are frightening. The other half's got mean, filthy taxis.

Still better than any New Orleans taxi!

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