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When you have little in the way of visiting Peru, the best way to get around is by plane. Flight tickets The international airport of Lima Jorge Chávez is the most important junction for local flight services. Perú is a large land with a long remoteness between the most important tourism destinations. It is 1,165 kilometres (724 miles) from Lima to Cuzco and takes 20 hrs to drive by car and 01 hrs by plane.

Peru's main touristic resorts have an international aerodrome and frequent air services with fleet of state-of-the-art aircrafts. Flight plans to targets in the Andes region (Cuzco, Juliaca - Puno, Arequipa) are usually scheduled in the mornings, from 6:00 a.m. onwards. There are no normal post 22:00 services.

Lima's Jorge Chavez International Park is open to everyone 24hrs, and its safety is too tightly monitored; there is no attached hostel at the park. Peru's domestic aerodromes are only open to passengers during the period of business travel and it is not advisable to remain outside these times.

We recommend that you arrive at the check-in desk 1 and 30 min before the flight time. There is also a hire aircraft company and airlines for non-regular flight. Planned sailings should be confirmed at least 72 hrs in advance contact with the Carrier Bureau, otherwise bookings may be canceled.

When confirming your order, please indicate any necessary extra benefits (dietary limitations, etc.). Prior to Arrival - Airlines Checks In Travelers must arrive at Lima International Jorge Chávez International airport at least two flight times prior to scheduled flight departures. Air fares for all passenger operated internal routes are subject to the payment of an aerodrome fee. There is an US $ 7 fee for home travel.

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