Private Jet Ratings

Jet private ratings

They will often find charter companies and operators who advertise these reviews on their websites. This is the true story behind private jet catering. Worked full time for the Private Jet Services Group (more than a year).

Airplane flight evaluations

The flight deck offers insight from the heart of our aeronautical product line - our pilot! We have many types of trainings, the most frequent of which are primary education and recurring workouts. Basic education is necessary for all new recruits and regular annual instruction is necessary for each aeroplane model to which a crew member is allocated.

This is what we in the aerospace industry call a "type rating" every times we try to get a new plane to operate. Pattern certification is an authorisation to operate a particular make and make of aeroplane. Jet aeroplanes and aeroplanes with a weight of more than 12,500 lbs and small private aeroplanes are not covered by ratings....

The duration of basic education depends on the complexities of the plane and the pilot's previous piloting experiences with the plane "type". A complete introductory course for a non-skilled individual can be a 15 to 25 minute course, whereas more experienced individuals can be given a short course in less than 5 minutes.

A 5 day course is also the ideal framework for a recurring course. Pilot training takes place on a long line of aircraft-specific restrictions and system, covering electrics, hydraulics, fuels, engines, fire safety, climate control, pressurisation, undercarriage, aviation, oxigen, weight equilibrium, control and many other areas of studies.

Every pilots is also required to have competence in contingency techniques, as well as how to operate the aeroplane with only one operational powerplant and other means of safe navigation in contingencies. At the end of each unit, the efficiency of the drills and the competence of the crew members shall be assessed on an annual basis for all crew members and on a biannual basis for captains by means of a scenario-based simulation test at the end of each drills.

Every pilot in charge is inspected every year in the airplane for a so-called "line check" in order to assess his work.

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