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Deluxe planes stir the VIP' s in floating castles.

Might be a five-star suites, but this is actually the cab of a soon-to-launch Airbus A330 VIP, nothing less than a full 200 million dollar floating Palace. Currently equipped by Comlux, a company specialising in the styling, equipment and management of large company jetliners, this plane is the latest in luxurious airplane interior technology.

In recent years, the number of millionaires and multi-millionaires around the world has risen dramatically, fueling the growing need for ever more luxury jet options around the world. Whilst private jetliners are available in all forms and dimensions, the final state of affairs is the V.I.P. one. In order to meet the needs of this growing aviation industry, the large airframe companies have created company models of their best-selling airplanes.

The Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) has the Boeing Business Jet engine and the Airbus Corporate Jet (ACJ) has a competitor in Europe. The range of products comprises specifically configurated versions of the beloved Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, but bigger aircraft such as the Boeing 747 and Airbus 340 or the latest Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 can also be ordered by the deepest customers.

"Businesses like Airbus and Boeing should have their own organisation to serve them. It' s not uncommon for a customer to call you in the mid st of the dark to talk about this or that detail of his airplane decor," says Richard Gaona, an aviation sector veteran who, after many years at the head of Airbus Corporate Jet, is now CEO of Comlux.

The Air Force One is probably the most popular, but other nations also have their own president plane. Big companies and ultra-rich private persons are also a niche for this high-profile private air transport sector. "A few of the folks who are flying in these large company planes may already own a smaller plane for their stand-alone travels, but can buy or hire a bigger plane if they are traveling with their families or a bigger environment," Gaona states.

Even though they are sharing the cabin with commercially available planes, the very large business jet segment is determined by completely different factors. Whilst an airline would initially deal with the profitability of an airplane and its operating efficiencies, private customers are more interested in the gross profit. For example, the A330, equipped by Comlux, can transport up to 60 passengers in complete safety and without refuelling for over 17hrs.

"Reach and capability are critical for our customers," says David Velupillai, Airbus Director of Brand Management for Airbus Corporates Jet. "Whilst the engineering power is remarkable, for the vast majority the most striking feature of a passenger jet is the cockpit. It is not uncommon for the purchaser of a company jet to pay as much, if not more, for the personalisation of its passenger compartment as for the plane itself.

Airframe builders are offering some basic choices with basic designs - but once you've chosen to pay 87 million dollars for a jet (that's the catalogue cost of an Airbus ACJ319), you might as well go all the way and customise the cabins to your own individual taste. A few operators are bringing their favourite designer on the plane, but in the end the work has to be done by a certificated supplier.

The design and equipping of tailor-made cabins is a challenging task for which only a few businesses around the world have the necessary know-how. Introducing new generations of airplanes in passenger airliners such as the Boeing 787 and Airbus A350 has added new dimensions of sophistication to the sector. However, these airplanes make widespread use of composite material that offers a number of benefits, such as weight over conventional metallic structure, but they force equipment manufacturers to devise new processes to handle the singular characteristics of these cutting-edge products.

"These new compound jets represent a sharp learn-by-learn curve for design professionals, engineering professionals, manufacturers and turnkey managers," says a resource at Kestrel Aviation Management, the U.S. company that individualized the first Boeing 787 Vip. "But does the private jet crowd favour a certain kind of styling? Airbus' David Velupillai says that unlike what one might have expected from the handover, most airplane operators actually choose relatively impartial colours and decors - something that will help preserve the aircraft's re-sale value.

You' re incredibly busier and what you appreciate is the ability to continue your lifestyle on the move - most of our planes have double home/office use. "The equipment of these planes is often not quite what it looks like. But what is often true is the jewellery - some planes even have 200 to 300 kg of clean golden in faucets and other ornaments.

This is an Airbus 330 short version of the Airbus 330 short version fighter. Thus, for example, first-class in-flight amusement equipment and high-speed broadband satellites have become standards in this class of airplane. Comlux' Richard Gaona explained that his business also equips airplanes with a system that increases air moisture during the journey and makes the journey more comfortable for people.

A 600-litre depot is installed in the airplane and connected to evaporators that are distributed throughout the entire cab. Somewhat more extravagant is that the Airbus A330 can also take a stroller with it. However, one particular plane model is still difficult to grasp: the VIP versions of the huge Airbus A380 - also known as the A380 Four-wing Palace - which was meant to be an embodiment of luxury in flight.

It is doubtful whether another A380 will ever be ordered for executives, especially as smaller planes will be up to the task. Kestrel Aviation Management analysts predict that the BBJ 787 and Airbus A 350 will change the rules of the game as these ultra-long wide-body jets will be out of cruising distance practically nowhere in the world.

Boeing Business Jet 787 adapted by Kestrel Aviation Management. "Boeing's and Airbus's small export markets can generate good profits, as it is more challenging to get volume rebates, which airline companies often get, and it also offers many PR possibilities, as high quality selling receives a lot of PR attention," says Adam Twidell, Chief Operating Officer of PrivateFly, a UK export jet brokers.

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