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ROUND rounds off a number to a certain number of digits. Like to use (the whole) year in a sentence. The Round the Clock Restaurant has served NWI for more than fifty years. Chesterton and Valparaiso residents love breakfast, lunch and dinner. " Round and Round the Garden" is an English children's rhyme, which is typically accompanied by a finger game.


ROUND completes a number to a certain number of numbers. If, for example, A1 contains 23.7825 and you want to round this value to two places, you can use the following formula: Results of this position are 23.78. There are the following reasons for the ROUND functions syntax: number Required.

Name of the number you want to round. num_digit Required. This is the number of numbers to which you want to round the number arguments. When num_digit is greater than 0 (zero), the number is round to the specified number of places. When num_digit is 0, the number is round to the next whole number.

When num_digit is less than 0, the number to the right of the point is round. In order to always round up (away from zero), use the round-up feature. In order to always round downwards (towards zero), use the ROUNDDOWN feature. Use the MROUND feature to round a number to a certain multiples (e.g. to the next 0.5).

To display results, choose the formula, choose F1, then choose Return.

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Around the garden

"Round-and-round the Garden" is an English-language children's song that is usually played with a finger. Around the yard a little brown bears was brought. The rehyme, one move, two steps, was first gathered in the UK in the late 1940s. Rehyme was the first of its kind in the UK. It is unlikely that they will be older in their present shape since it was not until the 20th century that bears became fashionable, but Iona and Peter Opie were speculating that it might be a variation of an older Reims, gathered in 1945-9, 'Around the Clock, A Little Rabbit Walked', with the text:

There' s an lrish version: Around the racetrack Fang a little rabbit One move, two thick moves below! There' s a southern version: Around the blackberry shrub like a wild boar One move, two moves Tickly below! German language versions: Childrens song is flanked by various activities, from grown-up to grown-up or from grown-up to grown-up.

First, the adolescent gently caresses the hand with the index fingers in slowly circling movements around the inverted hand surface of the adolescent, then with each "step" with the index and central fingers the hand goes up, first to the left and then to the shoulders. I. Opie et P. Opie, The Oxford Dictionary of Nursery Rhymes (Oxford University Press, 1951, 2e ├ędition, 1997), S. 184. et 233.

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