Apply for Private Hire Licence

Application for a private rental license

Learn how to become a taxi or private rental driver. They can also download the application forms and instructions for drivers and vehicles. Application for private rental and Hackney carriage vehicles and driving licences.

Driving licence for taxis - North Somerset Council - North Somerset Council

If you are interested in using a cab or a private rental licence, you will need this licence. First, please get in touch with the license management to make an agreement: Give six and a half week to issue a license. They shall have a term of three years and shall be specifically for the individual specified in the licence.

In case of application failure or other problems, please refer to the license group. If you have a complaint, please write to the individual first, then to the support staff if you need further assistance with the license complaint from.

Rental private driver's license

Chauffeurs of these cars must also have a special permit to drive a private cab or rental vehicle. Under the Immigration Act 2016, the Council is required by law to examine and ascertain whether every claimant has the right to reside in the United Kingdom and to work as a cab or private rental vehicle operator.

You will be asked to produce certain documentation to prove your right to life and work in the UK as part of the recruitment procedure. Failure to produce the necessary supporting documentation will result in your request being rejected. Type of documentation that may be acceptable as evidentiary material has been specified by the Ministry of the Interior; the Council has no power to adopt documentation other than that specified by the Ministry of the Interior.

See the paper - Document - Evidence your Right to Work in the UK for details of this review. Before sending your resume, please make sure that you have carefully reviewed and fully understand it. Those verifications shall apply to all requests, as well as requests for extensions of current licenses. In the event that an incumbent licensee is unable to furnish the necessary proof, its licence may not be extended.

To apply for a cab driver's license or a private rental driver's license, you must first be seated and have passed the Council's road test. This test is designed to make sure that all taxis and private riders are familiar with the town, its streets and the locations of its attractions.

In order to apply for the test, please fill in the following registration request and send it back to us: Please use the information at the bottom of this page to send the completed questionnaire back to us. A copy of the road test guides can also be downloaded: If you wish to file a claim about a taxi or private rental car, please refer to the licensing team at the below listed contacts.

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