Apply for Taxi License

Application for taxi license

Fill out this form completely, with the exception of the last page. Minneapolis licenses taxi companies, vehicles and drivers from the city. Send a TLC application to NYC online. Apply now.

New York City FHV riders require a TLC (Taxi and Limousine Commission) license. Here you can find out how to apply. On the TLC website, you can fill out your request on-line. Choose "TLC Driver License (Medallion/For-Hire/Street Hail Livery Driver)" Store your TLC membership number that you will need later in the recruitment procedure.

However, if you are submitting an on-line resume, it is very important to store your TLC resume number (see picture to the right). It is necessary in order to meet the remainder of the license requirement.

Licence applications - City of Minneapolis

Minneapolis licenses taxi businesses, cars and chauffeurs from the town. Licensing and Consumer Services works with taxi services providers to offer a secure taxi hire business, skilled driver services and competitively priced rates. Each year, before a driving licence is granted, cars are checked. In addition, the driver must present a crime scene back letter and obtain a taxi driver training certificate.

To apply for a Hackney fleet of vehicles for hire Privately, Driving License

Find out how to apply for a Hackney Charter Hire Drivers License and how to extend an already held license. It is a combination license entitling the owner to operate Hackney Carriages and Hire Vehicles licenced by Nottingham City Council. Hackney coach drivers can work with a Hackney coach wagon autonomously, while individual drivers must always work with a licenced company.

In order to apply for a license, the candidate must be at least 18 years of age and have been in possession of a full UK license for at least one year. You must present both DVLA licences and hardcopy licences when submitting the claim document. The following documents must be completed and available in an Original Applications Pack-up from the Licensing Office, Central Police Station, Byron House, Maid Marian Way, Nottingham, NG1 06HS or by calling 0115 915 6571.

Notice that it may take 6 to 8 week after receiving an Initial Request to finalize the procedure as the Approval Authority awaits approval of the exams by Disclosure and Barring Services (DBS), DVLA and all health reports. Each new applicant must have a Group 2 health care provider, as specified by the DVLA at Medigold Consultancy, Church House, Bestwood Park Church, Beckhampton Road, Bestwood Park, Nottingham, NG5 ENG. (see Health Care Manual and Form included in your first package of applications).

It is your responsibility to cover the cost of your check-up when you come to the health center for your visit. Drivers are also asked to take a test of riding ability and a test of geography after having received a doctor's note. Every new candidate undergoes a test of ability to drive by taking a test.

They must have their current, undersigned driving license, if they announce themselves for the examination and the insurance certificate for the Fahrzeug. Applicants shall make available a suitably equipped four-door limousine, tailgate or station wagon for the test. Vehicles to be used must be subject to legal taxation, have insurance and be in safe road conditions, but not registered.

Driver testing takes 30 mins and you must prove to the tester that you are capable of handling the car securely and proficiently in a variety of circumstances and roadmaps. In the end of the test, the candidate is asked a set of frequently asked question about the road regulations.

Upon successfully completing the test, the sponsor will receive a certification to be presented to the Approval Department. You must have your driver's license or photo ID before taking the topography exam. It'?s the applicant: Examinations may be discontinued at any stage by the investigator or the notifier.

Of course, if the examiner asks for the exam to be completed during the exam, the examiner' s fees are lost. Applicants who do not achieve the mark requested may apply for a repeat test for £50.00. Once a driver sticker has been awarded, it is valid for either one year or three years.

Every year a prolongation request will be sent to your registered adress. Please be aware that it is your sole and exclusive remedy to make sure that your license is extended before it has expired. Upon receiving your extension confirmation (which will be sent 2 month before your license expires). Please call the Licensing Office on 0115 915 6571 to make an arrangement to provide the following to the Licensing Recipient:

Part of the renewals procedure is to perform a DVLA and Disclosure Barring audit and make the Right to Work documents available to the taxi company. It is also necessary to examine the back of your tag to see if you need a doctor as part of your extension or not.

A request for renewal of a license shall not be considered acceptable if it is made more than one months after the expiration of the license (without good cause). There is no abbreviated/temporary license issued and any subsequent request will be considered as a "new" request and you will have to go through the same process as for an original license.

Once a renewing license has been awarded and edited, the requester will be approached and asked to send the expired/expired driver's license back to the Approval Office and will again receive his "new" driver's license. Please note: The Rider Insignia is a checked object and as such must be returned to License.

If the driver card is not returned, this may result in a postponement of the issue of the "new" card until receipt by the approval office: Please call the registration desk on 0115 915 6571 for further information.

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