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cable Against this charge, the bus will also include a drive to the helicopter port and then another sedan awaiting you at your final point to take you to the center of Cannes. Over 200,000 travelers usually travel to Cannes for the Cannes Cinema Awards in May. In addition, a personal jetservice for the Cannes cinema competition from Paris to Nice has been set up at a price of 6,490 per aircraft for up to four persons, in the hope of attracting prospective clients with a special price of 25 ?.

Do you want to get away from the Sao Paulo road? Get a taxi on the plane.

As Uber has altered land transportation in many towns, the hellish congestion in Sao Paulo has triggered a new application that opens the skies for commuters: Voom, a helicopter taxi shuttle based on the number of passengers and their total height. So Gustavo Boyde, a native of the United States who goes to the shop in Sao Paulo, is one of those who say that hop above the town is the only way to find your way around.

"I chose helicopters," he said, pointing to the metropolitan area that stretched beyond the skyline as he drove from a fancy downtown area to the airfield. The largest town in Sao Paulo - South America's largest town, home to 12 million people within its borders and another million in satellites - is suffocated on a regular basis by huge congestion.

Nine million cars, or one in two. Voom, a new company started in April by European Airbus, has taken a page out of Uber's advertising handbook to bring customers above themselves at a competitively priced rate. Before Voom became available, check against our prices on the markets. Some helicopter firms wanted tenfold more - and travel had to be arranged at least two and a half day in advanced.

"It is our aim to make helicopter transportation more widely available, so that the helicopter is seen as an alternative," said Vooms Managing director Uma Subramanian. Boyde's case was a piece of cake flying through the apartment in a helicopter. The use of a conventional taxi on the congested streets could have cost him $50 and an hours and a half of disappointing stop-and-go.

"Voom was my choice because it suits my travelling needs, is economic and practical," said Mroyde. Subramanian says that in Latin America, crowded streets mean that "people losing up to 10 hrs a week" are caught in transport. São Paulo led a roster of 500 towns that Voom was considering for his début for a wide range of motivations.

Located in a state of the same name with over 45 million inhabitants, the town has the largest helicopter park in the United States. Brazil's severe economic downturn also means that many in the aerospace industry have welcomed Sao Paulo Voom. "Arthur Fioratti, Director of the ABRAPHE Federation of Bulgarian Helicopter Pilot Associations, which comprises some 2,000 commercial aircraft, said: "In the present climate of a contractor business, the advent of this services is encouraging.

According to ABRAPHE, there were 2,000 helicopter trips a day in Sao Paulo State. It has contracts with three helicopter operators operating five in the Sao Paulo area. However, she is hoping to widen the attraction of overflying the skies by lowering ticket prices to below the level a taxi would demand.

Currently, between six and ten persons use Voom's services every day. "My boyfriends, when they saw me flying to the airfield in a helicopter, asked me if I was going to be a billionaire. And when I said how much it cost, they were surprised," said Lucas Amadeu, Voom's Director of Sales. "And I think if you know what it takes, the level of services will grow," he added.

However, time the class unit are one situation, Mother Nature is antithetic, and the sometimes ferocious disturbance and latitude precipitation that whip Sao Paulo can kind the collection of Voom go aground. In Brazil, the bad state of the Sao Paulo transportation system is well known. There is a danger for Voom that it will become too widespread.

A sharp increase in the number of choppers fly over the town could trigger the same kind of reaction as in New York, where officers are thinking about how to restrict them. The next town prepared for enlargement is Mexico Town, another poorly strangled metropolis. Boyde, who goes to Mexico Town almost as often as Sao Paulo, thinks that's good news. That' s good for him.

On Wednesday, a magistrate prevented Uber from doing business in Sao Paulo by taking the side of the city's taxi riders, who were complaining that the beloved ridesharing company enjoyed an unfair competition edge. Over pulls out all the stops to stand out at the opening of the glittering Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, providing not only the standard taxi-hail auto services, but also helicopter trips.

Über is planning to restart helicopter flying at the Sundance Film Festival on Saturday despite an injunction from a Utah marshal saying he could apprehend a pilot landing near Park city. Some 50 Brazil public healthcare and criminal prosecution authorities gather crack cocaine crackheads in the town of Sao Paulo and violently treat them if necessary.

About said on Tuesday that it wants to start a system of moving automobiles to move around urban areas, with the aim of carrying out by 2020 demonstrators. Next year's Olympic Games will be held in the Brazilian capital, the first in Brazil to prohibit the use of smart phone-based ride-hailing such as Uber.

On Tuesday, the US government asked the general public to comment on a "new way to protect consumers' privacy" that could lead to new rules for online businesses.

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