Private Plane Charter Companies

Aircraft charter companies

Recognised as the world's most experienced operator of private jets. Charter private jet fares at the best discounted rates with 4 hour lead time world-wide. Charter private plane fares at the best discounted rates with 4 hour lead time world-wide. Quickly they realised that most commercial and recreational travellers using private planes did not have to own all or part of a plane. Charters are a much cheaper and more adaptable option to full or partial possession of aeroplanes.

Part 135 airlines operate all of our routes. Providers who provide to BSJ's customers must comply with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defined standard. ANY YET, ANY TEAM any yet, any team. Our slogan, ANY YET, ANY TIME, ANY PLACE?, means that our customers have fun: The private aircraft that are currently available to our customers are among others: Whichever private freight forwarding activity you require, we are here to serve you or your business.

It''s our mission to know every detail of your needs and wishes before, during and after your organised trip - from the meal you are enjoying to the type of jet you choose - and everything in between. Part 135 airlines operate all services.

The BSJ does not administer or run any planes on our customers' orders. Our customers are supported in their search for the best operator for their planes.

Private-Jet Charter and Aircraft Management

It is a dedicated group of aviation and aviation professionals dedicated to surpassing our customers' aspirations and re-defining private jetservices. This is achieved through the use of frameworks, methods and techniques that have been refined and refined over more than thirty years in the business. Tailored to your specific travelling and finance needs, our solutions provide you with the highest level of security and personalised assistance, regardless of the private jet's whereabouts.

With more than forty-five bases in the United States, we have more than six hundred crews and assistants operating more than one hundred fifty customer-owned executives. ARG/US Platinum Ratings are only given to those carriers who, following an intensive review of their operating, service and security system by certified sector professionals, have proven that their processes comply with or surpass sector best practice at all stages.

Der Weivern standards far exceed the industrial standards for the security of charter flights. Those passing the on-site audits also accept an inspection requiring them to supply up-to-date information on aeroplanes and crews. Inspection and approval of IS-BAO certifications is recognised as an internationally recognised operational and security standards for aeroplanes.

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