Telephone number for Taxi Cab

Phone number for taxi cabin

The Yellow Cab of Pittsburgh is pleased to announce that we have become an official zTrip fleet. zTrip of Colorado Springs, formerly Yellow Cab, is very proud of its long history of service. Taxi 24-7 services - Taxis - Orange, CA - Telephone number

Call this firm shortly after midnight to get a taxi to John Wayne gf and my plane to SF was at 8:30. At 6:30, two and a half before departure. Tonight I told the dispatchers the place where we were collected (In Tustin) and she told them the main crossroads in the area.

The taxi isn't here at 6:30, so I call and theispatcher says he's on his way. He gave me the cab number, but I didn't put it down (damn it). The taxi rider doesn't know how to get to where we are, so I get a call back and ask for my mobile number!

Yes, it's a newer area, but I know that it's included in upgraded navigation GPS's - I work for a global positioning system operator, so I know it too. However, we are at home with our boyfriends, so I don't know the exact roads so he knows how to get to our boyfriend's whereabouts.

Got to keep on the telephone with the taxi cabbie and give as good a description as possible (my boyfriends weren't at home) and I see him down the road. It doesn't seem clear to the taxi cabbie that we' re in a rush... even after I said that our plane is at 8:30!

Luckily we are at the airfield about 50 minutes before our plane leaves and everything is fine (and luckily John Wayne is an ordinary airfield to get to your gate). The main problem is this: When the corporation brags on their website that they have got global positioning systems on their least updates it.

If a taxi can' even reach you, what good is it? I don't blame our cabdriver at all... I blame the comany. Besides, the evening before the meeting the scheduler checked my position with me, so I don't know how it was. the HORRIBLE expertise with this business.

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