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Bbj 747

The first V-VIP 747-8 is delivered by Greenpoint. December 22, 2014 - Greenpoint Technologies, a leading Boeing VIP Jet (BBJ) Complete Centre, is handing over the first (in the industry) 747-8 custom airline interiors to a trusted customer. Special features and solutions for corporate, helicopter, regional and corporate jet as well as helicopter and aerospace use. The Zodiac Aerospace Group is a leading global supplier of aerospace products and services for corporate, sub-area and corporate jets, as well as choppers and launchers. The Zodiac Aerospace Group employs 30,000 people around the world and achieved a turnover of 4.

2 billion euros in 2013/2014 with its five divisions: Star Sign Cabin & Structures, Star Sign Kitchens & Equipment, Star Sign Seats, Star Sign Aero Safety and Star Sign Aircraft Systems. www.zodiacaerospace.com.

Greenpoint Technologies - Interior design of business aircraft

Greenpoint's team of designers monitors the whole development cycle from conception to shipment to make sure that the final product matches the customer's requirements for product excellence and intention. Greenpoint's engineering team has a wealth of expertise with a track record of innovation and complementation with newer airframe designs. Greenpoint's off-the-shelf production and test facilities focus on small series, customer -specific product with an FAA-approved FAA system of parts management and approval.

Greenpoint's EASA and FAA Part 145 installations offer full turn-key completion and service capability throughout the lifecycle of the airplane.

PICTURES: Former Qatar 747-8I BBJ in the purchase agreement

MSN42096 was launched on the Swiss aerospace scene by Swiss specialists AMAC Aerospace. The Flight Fleets Analyzer will list the planes - built in 2012 and propelled by General Electric's GEnx-2B engine - as having gone into operation in early 2015. Operating in the colors of the Qatar state, it performed air services for the UAE governor.

There are at least three other 747-8Is in the Qatar registry. A Bermuda registered VQ-BSK plane has been purchased and is held by Worldwide Airport Holding.

Second BBJ 747-8 delivered by Lufthansa Technik

Lufthansa Technik (LHT) has equipped its second Boeing Business Jet 747-8 and shipped it to an unknown client, and is now finishing its third example for the large space area. "For us, the shipment of this second 747-8 is another landmark in the VVIP completion of wide-body aircraft," says Walter Heerdt, LHT's VIP and Executive Jet Solution Vice President. 20,000 passengers will be transported to the new facility in the near future.

"He added, "We have supplied an individual, ultra-modern airplane with high-quality material that meets the highest standards of exclusive design and comforts. LHT, based in Hamburg, Germany, is the most productive supplier of VIP 747s, with 14 different version of the plane having been finished and shipped. The latest addition to this airplane includes new functions in its 440m (4,740ft²) large cab, says LHT.

"It was also the first use [ during the finishing process] of a material that presented a great challenge to the engineers," says LHT. Since its foundation in 1994, the firm has finished and rebuilt more than 100 V.I.P. planes. Boeing, for its part, has supplied 213 narrow-body and wide-body 213 commercial jet helicopters since its corporate jet affiliate was founded 20 years ago.

By 2015, the airline had 11 planes in execution centers, which in turn had eight finished model airplanes shipped to clients - five Boeing 737 and three BBJ 747-8s. What is going on around "Lufthansa Technik AG"?

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