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Competing carriers adjust fares on a selective basis.

Competing carriers have reduced or adjusted the sales price introduced by Southwest during the three-day sale of Flasher on a selective basis. Southwest offers fares that include American, Delta, United, Alaska and JetBlue, but not all of them. This sale has reduced return fares on tens of US short southwest journeys below $100, although the sale ends at Thursday mornings.

At least one competitor on some itineraries - such as San Diego Phoenix and Washington National Providence - had reached the $98 return fares from Southwest, although the unavailability of these fares from other carriers had decreased throughout the year. Others, such as the Boston-Baltimore route, offered $103 return, almost equaled Southwest's $98 selling price.

However, it should be clear to other airline passengers that competitors may not offer the same fares on all rival airways. Although the itineraries may be the same, they may not take place on all trips or on all dates. Prices could also increase as the lowest fares are sold out, even in the southwest. It is also important to keep in mind that the itineraries on which the large carriers operate are usually Basic Economy fares with significant constraints, which include pocket limits, delayed Boarding and no prior allocation of seats.

Concerning southwest fares, keep in mind that the sale is good for trips from 28 November to 19 December and from 3 January to 13 February. For Southwest, the fares are slightly different at Florida, Nevada and Puerto Rico airport. Scour down to get a glimpse of the fares from Tuesday afternoons on a few routes:

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