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Find out more about the history of the airport. The Santa Monica Municipal Airport is a general aviation airport located mainly in Santa Monica, California. sspan class="mw-headline" id="History">History[edit] Initially Clover Field, after WWI pilot Lt. Greayer "Grubby" Clover, the airport was the headquarters of the Douglas Aviation Group. 4 ][5][6] The first aerial round-the-world flight by the U.

S. Army in a custom-built Douglas Water Cruiser took off from Clover Field on St. Patrick's Day, March 17, 1924, and traveled about 45,000 kilometers back there.

The Cloverfield Boulevard - which puzzles the name of the square after a verdant and not a killed military man - is a relic of the airport's name. Santa Monica Airport is one of many general air traffic terminals in the country, bordered on some sides by housing developments, so the city of Santa Monica aggressive enacts one of the strictest regulations on the country's noises.

As well as answering the local community's questions about air traffic and implementing the city's Air Traffic Law (Fluglärmverordnung), which provides for a permitted limit on air traffic levels, curfews and certain operating restrictions, airport employees are participating in a number of additional measures to mitigate the overall effects of air traffic on areas around the airport.

Following processes and restrictions are implemented in accordance with the city's Aircraft Traffic Regulations. Failure to do so may lead to the levying of a fine and/or expulsion from Santa Monica airport: Max sound pressure levels - A max sound pressure levels of 95. The 0dvBA Single Event Exposure Levels, at 1,500 ft from each end of the airstrip, determined at measurement points, are applied 24+7.

Along the aircraft type, which is completely conducted over housing areas, there are no extra sound measuring points. There are also a number of suggested practices and restrictions for reducing aircraft that have been integrated into the airport's Fly Neighborly programme and integrated into the programme's outdoor material. The Typhoon is the only airport dining facility with a panoramic airport airstrip and Spitfire Grill is opposite on Airport Avenue.

10 ] The Air Museum at the airport is home to a museum of historical aeroplanes. On the southern side of the airport a new plant was constructed, which has now been opened. In one of the oldest airport facilities, next to the renovated Douglas DC-3, is the U.S. Civil Air Patrol's Kleefeld relay 51.

The Airport park was opened as a 3.4-hectare open space on reconquered airfields at the southeastern edge of the airport. On 14 October 2014, the City lodged an objection on the grounds that the 1984 Agreement had expired, following which the FAA had consented to the removal of controls over the City's property. It was also pointed out in the appellate complaint that the FAA's lease right given during the Second World War served only this objective and could not be converted into a greater interest (e.g. a lasting takeover of Stadtland by the FAA, which called for an indefinite use of the country for airline purposes).

16 ] There has so far been neither a final ruling nor an exclusive arrangement between the municipality and the airlines/FAA. Measure LC sets limits on the use of landfall space after the closure of the airport. "17 ] However, it allows the municipal authorities to determine, without the consent of the electorate, what such institutions are and to substitute existent ones.

Robert E. Guilford, the aviator, decided to go back to the airport and not to dig a trench in the sea, as he was full of beach goers at Labor Day. P-51 fell into the building and then onto the streets, spilled jet oil, but never caught fire. A homemade airplane took off from the end of the runway 21 after a braking incident on 13 January 2008, skipped over the slope and landed on a side track.

There were no injuries to the three aboard pilots, although the construction set was seriously injured. Airstrip was shut down for 20mins. "The Santa Monica airport will be shut down in 2028 and substituted by a parking lot, say officials." Returned on January 31, 2017. "Kleefeld." Returned on August 20, 2012. Returned on August 20, 2012.

According to Greayer "Grubby" Clover, a World War I aviator, the name of the Kleefeld at Santa Monica airport is given by his name written in the box. Aeroplane construction in the Los Angeles area during the Second World War, p. 15, Cypress, CA, 2013. Aeroplane construction in the Los Angeles area during the Second World War, pp. 13-24, Cypress, CA, 2013.

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