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A deep fryer is a kitchen appliance that boils by circulating hot air around the food via the convection mechanism. That was a big plus in my decision to buy this deep fryer. Phillips Airfryer, The Original Airfryer, Fry-Healthy with 75% less fat Black HD9220

Gordon Ramsay supports this type of deep fat deep fat pan and I bought it during the flash sales. I was a little bit scared at first, then I thought I'd begin with potatos. So I used some golden potatos I had to bake at home and sliced them into equal-sized chips, drenched them in boiling soda for 30 min before roasting them in the air, sprinkled the pan with boiling sprays, put the sodden chips in the air deep fat deep fat fryers and 22 min later I had the best chips of my time!

Since I was a citrus peppers poultry winged enthusiast, I chose to make poultry winged, but I had no parties winged, so I used full sized winged, laundered and dry them, then I covered them with citrus spice and some white salts, sprinkled the bucket again and boiled them, they also came out delectable!

Everything I used to cook in it, my wife and kids used to love. I boiled hen boobs, bones and skins today and they became god. When I bought the air fryer to help with my body losing a lot of energy, I reduced the amount of fats from normal deep-fried foods and reduced the amount of energy, and I have not yet been let down.

There was a comments I saw that said the reviews were fake because they weren't from confirmed buyers, so here you go, I bought mine on July 11 and haven't ceased using it. Part of the problem I think folks have is that they still have the feeling that they need to put in a big amount of extra virgin olive-oil but you don't, I don't use any except that to spark the can.

Hopefully this will help anyone considering buying a deep fryer, I can't await trying more of my own prescriptions.

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A deep fat deep fat deep fat fryer boils a utensil by passing a convective mechanism to circulate air around the food[1] A mechanic ventilator passes the air around the product at high velocity, boiling the product and creating a crisp coating through the Maillard effect. Air deep freezers and ovens are similar to those used to boil foods, but they are generally smaller than oven convectors and emit less warmth.

A similar result can be obtained by using special air-crimping sheets and placing them in a fan coil furnace. Luftfritusen use recirculating warm air to boil foods that would otherwise be immersed in oils. An air fryer's cavity emits warmth from a heater close to the dishes, thus boiling them more effectively.

One ventilator is generally used to distribute warm air around the meal. Generally, the duration of air deep fat deep fat cooker use is 20% shorter than that of conventional ovens[6] This depends on the type and amount of foods boiled in the deep fat deep fat deep fat fryer. Countertop air deep fat deep fat fryers offer an attractive option to conventional fresh oils.

Recirculating heat air has many uses in the kitchen, to include cooking: Magazine for nutritional sciences.

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