Normal Taxi Rate

Standard taxi fare

Non airport taxis (regular taxis) may not pick up passengers at the airport, but they may take passengers back to the airport. Vallarta Puerto Taxis - What you need to know The taxi prices at the Puerto Vallarta International Airports vary. Photovoltaic airports cabs have very costly licences from the local authorities, which allow them to work at the Photovoltaic airports, but not in other parts of the town. Tariffs charged by these taxi services are fix and not negotiated. PVCR Flughafentaxis may only collect and transport passenger from the airports to their destinations.

Taxi services other than taxi (regular taxis) are not permitted to collect passenger from the airports, but they are permitted to take passenger back to the airports. That' s good information, because if you take a normal taxi back to the airports, the prices are about half the same. It is only when a taxi rider helps you with your baggage or is very useful while driving that it is common to tip.

If you are getting into a taxi in the city, first ask the taxi attendant to show you his tariff list and check the price. When you know that you need the chauffeur to give you your changes because you only have big invoices or you do not have the precise amount of the ticket price, ask the chauffeur before you enter the taxi if he can take your changes.

Otherwise, if you reach your final destination and find that the rider has no changes, you may accidentally give the rider a very good tip! A taxi stand inside the terminal. Area 1A contains resource features such as: Casa Marriot Magna, Maya Palace, Westin Regina, Casa Velas, Melia, Velas Vallarta, etc.

These include a large number of condominiums in the Marina Vallarta. Zones 1 comprises a large number of hotels as properties: The Rosita Hotels, Sheraton Buganvilias, Holiday Inn, Crown Paradise, Golden Crown Paradise, Fiesta Americana, Friendly, Villa del Palmar, Secrets, Now Amber, Krystal Vallarta und viele, viele mehr !

There are also a number of different condominiums in this area. Area 2 comprises many low cost hotel, fashion hotel, residential and condominium resorts. Los Arcos Beach, Posada de Roger, Casa Isabel, Lindo Mar, Playa del Sol, Costa Sur, Villa Vista, Los Arcos Hotel, Vallarta Sun Hotel & Suites, Dreams, etc.

North of Nuevo Vallarta comprises many large resort and condominium as well: the first one is in the north and the second one in the south: The Paradise Village Resort Centre, Maya Palace, Costa Vallarta, Dreams Villa Magna, Occidental, Grand Velas, Marival, Kite Towers condominiums, Ocean Terrace condominiums and many, many more. Nuevo Vallarta in the north is known as Flamingos. A number of residential properties and condominiums exist in the area.

Peninsular apartments, Del Canto apartments, Rui Jalisco, Riu Vallarta, Samba, Acqua apartments, Riu Palace, Bel Air, Villa del Palmar Flamingos, Villa Estancia. Several condominiums and spas are available in the Mismaloya area. Vallarta Zoo is also situated in this area. Punta de Mita offers a wide range of resort, hotel and condominium accommodation:

The Four Seasons, St. Regis, Porta Fortuna, Hotel La Quinta del Sol, Hacienda de Mita and many others. Several of them are situated within the closed housing estate "Punta Mita". Some Punta de Mita hotel have stated that most taxi riders from Puerto Vallarta are unfortunately not very acquainted with the area of Punta de Mita, so many of the taxi riders will have a very hard period to find their own accommodation.

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