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Yes, the driver accepts credit/debit for all tariffs; there are no minimum requirements or charges for using your credit/debit at all. I have to endorse the receipts? Clients only need to subscribe to the voucher if the amount is 25 Euros. If my credit/debit is not working, what happens?

In the event that credit/debit cards are not paid for, travellers may either make payments in person or use another form of cheque. If, after swipeing my credit/debit cards, the chauffeur notifies me that the ticket has not been processed and asks for money, what should I do? Rear seat PIM (Passenger Information Monitor) alerts the traveller when a credit/debit ticket is authorized.

Once the display shows that the payment order has been accepted, your payment will be debited and the payment made to the cardholder. The last four numbers of your bank account number are usually noted on the voucher. When you are doubly debited, go to 311 Online to file a customer claim against the chauffeur and your payment processor to apply for a charge back.

To file an indictment against the chauffeur, you must participate in a hearings at 66 Johns Street, Eleventh Stock in Lower Manhattan to file a customer claim. Passagiere should always ask for a voucher. Could a rider decline for a person to use their credit/debit cards? It is not. Riders must use American Express, MasterCard, VISA and Discover (and some will use the JCB card) on all rates.

Drivers must pay credit/debit tickets for each ticket price. In the event that a rider alleges that the system is defective and/or is preventing a rider from using their credit/debit code, please notify the TLC of the coin number by going to 311 Online. So what happens when a rider says the system isn't working?

I' m worried about safety, who will pull the credit/debit cards through? Passengers draw the map and can input the tip on the rear-touchscreen. It is not necessary to give the ticket to the rider. Furthermore, all taxi taxis are certificated according to the Payment card Industry (PCI) Data security standard.

Is it possible to input my debt postcard number via a keyboard? System only works with signature-based credit/debit-cards. A MasterCard or Visa emblem on the debt should be acceptable to taxis. Direct debits: Where can I get my voucher? Drivers will give you the receipts the way they do now.

If I want to make a payment by cash cards, what should I do, but the rider tells me that he has already clicked the "Cash" icon? Tell the chauffeur that you want to make a payment by using a valid plastic slip.

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