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At Moncton we are the only company that requires taximeters in taxis. cable In 1976, white cabin proprietor Benny Cormier pledged to his dad that he would help him run the business as long as necessary. "Cormier, 67, who on Saturday was celebrating the 90-year existence of the Moncton Taxi Association, says he still needs me today. Initially named White Central Cab, the business was founded in 1926 by Monctons Edward Boudreau, who had nothing to do with Cormier.

Its name was renamed White Cab in 1948 when it was purchased by Cormier's dad, J. Eric Cormier, who led it until his demise in 1996. Cormier, who joined the firm in 1972, took over the business in 2001, initially as a part-time operator and three years later as a manager.

Cormier says with the business, which has been in his familiy for 68 years, that the taxi business is very different from the one in which he was in a taxi as a kid. Says he, while his business was one of the first taxi companies in Canada to have radio equipment in its cabs with the 1947 installations, this was long outdated by now.

Also in 2005, the cabs were equipped with pushbuttons for emergencies, so that the driver no longer had to depend on two-way radios for emergencies. Cormier says as a kid that the taxis used to have big metres that would sound so noisy, "you'd have sworn it was a timebomb.

Old photograph of White Cab staff hanging on the Moncton desk walls. And Cormier says it's not known when the picture was taken. Old photograph of White Cab staff hanging on the Moncton desk walls. And Cormier says it's not known when the picture was taken.

On Friday White Cab celebrates its 90-year jubilee in the Moncton City Hall. The white cabin operator Benny Cormier is standing next to one of the 92 or so cabins operated by his comany. "All we have to do is swim with the flow," says Cormier, who says he's willing if Uber, a favorite parking provider, ever comes to Moncton.

According to Cormier, his business has about 92 cabs, with about 225 people. Cormier says, however, that at the end of the business is more or less the same as when it was taken over by his sire. Cormier says that when the company's ninetieth anniversary was commemorated on Friday, he received phone call all weekend, with clients expressing their gratitude for his services and shares their memoirs.

Eugene Agnew, 88, said he recalled taking White Cab as a kid in Moncton. Cormier, who works 24x7, says White Cab is more than a full-time work. Joking that the keys to the front doors were ejected when his dad came in for the first place and left the place uninterruptedly.

He says, however, that he still has a host of families that wait for him every workday. He says he is uncertain when or if he will be retiring, but realizes that his working lives are a little less hasty now.

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