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It has been in operation for over 50 years. It has been in operation for over 50 years. Our 150-member staff has been providing outstanding services at DeKalb-Peachtree airport (PDK) in Atlanta, GA since 1965. Proud to be the only Full Services Operating Company (FBO) at Georgia's second largest airports. So you can be sure that we always provide our services with a friendly and friendly welcome.

We have been in-between for over five centuries and are still run by our founding father, Pat Epps. New and used aircrafts for corporate and leisure flights, as well as fast and reliable real estate agency work. More than 150,000 flight hour combinations allow our skilled ATP-licensed pilot to fly you to and from 5,000 General Aviation home flights in a safe and efficient manner compared to 500 General Aviation flights.

Our aircraft charters service is also within easy range of our global goals and there is no need for a jet card or long contract obligation with our privately owned aircraftcharterers. Everything from lightweight aircraft servicing to major repairs is taken care of so you can always enjoy a safe and seamless flight.

The Epps Aviation at Dekalb-Peachtree Airport

Epps' crew is excellent! I' ve worked with Lori and Cindy and they are the best in the game! I' m doing everything I can to do deals with Epps. When you fly to Atlanta, use Epps and say hello to Lori and Cindy. Welcomed by a kind employee, we were given chalk and forwarded to the FBO headquarters.

A great experiment, would definitely suggest the use of Epps. Many thanks to Debbie and the remainder of the Epps crew for an outstanding FBO accomplishment during the Irma evacuation with our TBM. Flying to Peachtree DeKalb for 4 July, we left our camper van in Epps, three nights later when we were getting ready for departure we had an empty one.

Your service manager was helping me extract the old batteries and we tried to recharge them. A while later it became clear that the batteries would not be recharged, so Epps let me use their personnel van to buy a new one. Remember that I can only put 42 gal in my plane, Epps Aviation could not have been more responsive and useful.

The Epps Aviation is the finest kind of Mediterranean hospitableness. Me and my missus went to the EPPS for a dinner at their famed Fighter Group Sunday Buffet 56. Next day I phoned EPPS and spoke to their maintenance manager, who said they would like to see my experimental motorhome, but proposed that there be a technician on the pitch better equipped to work on small single-engine aircraft.

I have to count on FBO personnel as a scheduler to house not only my air travelers, but also my air crews and planes. I was very friendly on the telephone and she took the liberty of answering all my queries. Exceptionally, I am not afraid that my crews and clients will have to wait for transport or other service.

For the first with EPPS in PA-24. I came by to see the PDK and have dinner at the EPPS. EPPS would be recommended to other plunger riders who enter PDK. He' s a great FBO, Epps! Every staff member I ever knew was kind, courteous and professionally. They' managed my plane well, the turnaround was great, and the gas oil rates are the best on the air.

Thank you the epic crew for getting it right! Once he was flying in the mornings and then again in the evenings on the way back to the PDK. Epps staff were really great to work with and very kind. Kind, courteous services and good prices for gas. He was flying to PDK on a veteran airlift commando outreach.

Epps' Shane and employees made sure everything went smooth and efficient. It is a wonderful place, everyone is very kind and the welcome is excellent. Please come and see Epps regularly. Everybody behind the writing table is always polite and kind, no matter if we board a jet or a turboprop.

Thank you Sophie, Cindy, Megan, Greg, Pat C, and especially Pat Epps.

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