Sky Kingdoms

kingdoms of heaven

Conquer your kingdom in heaven! Sky-kingdoms for iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC! Sky Kingdoms, the new fantasy strategy game, is now available! Build your unstoppable mobile castle that projects your dominance from the sky!

Play Sky Kingdoms for PC free game today!

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Conquer your realm in heaven! - All new Sky Kingdoms is now available! - LUAD NOW DOWNLOAD and get new $10 worth of players' packages. It is up to you, the master of a swimming realm in the whirlpool, to unite the whole land and reclaim your supernal heaven!

  • The game is for you! Live your dreams of having a kite! - Dealing system allows you and other gamers to act in the hand. - Precise, simultaneous translation of your chats allows you to interact with gamers from around the globe. Sky- Kingdoms is a battle simulator.

Downlaod this fun, fantastic puzzle now and begin your skyrocket. It' s a great match and everything, but if you don't pay any cash, you will lose the allotment in the end. A lot of higher level gamblers take advantages and target lower level gamblers. Make newer gamers higher player goals from which they can get booty.

At the end you will be trapped because you can get an assault over and over again until your ressources and your forces meet zero. If you' re a hard-core VPP, this is a great one. If you' re a chance player, keep away from this one. Assistance is also not helpfull and will not help you or reply to you, it is a lot of harassment in this match because there are no limitations on who can meet whom.

Level 20 allows a level 5 gamer to be attacked over and over again, and that level 5 gamer cannot increase. If you don't want to be taken, you have to pay cash for a bladder and it only takes 8hrs. It is only for those who like to pay off and follow my advices and keep away from the games.

It' s a beautiful artistic way, but I have the feeling that there are too many of them and that you always earn so much that you no longer get any rewards, especially precious stones. By the first part of the match, they were full, but after the first part, my guess was that my guess was almost zero, and over a dozen days later, the same thing was happening to my servers.

That makes the play empty. It was a very pleasant match on my first match, but it was ruining it for me.

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