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deluxe jet aircraft

The top 10 most pricey privat jet in the worlds Traveling by plane is a comfort and luxury in itself. But can you think of an airplane that is specifically conceived as a luxury motel with all the benefits? We present you this year the TOP 10 of the most costly privat airplanes of the whole wide range. It has been conceived for use in an extravagant and luxury way. Well, the current listing is about $88 million.

There' two bedroom inside the plane. Golden hardware all along the line, from golden safety straps to gold-plated sinks and bath fixtures, create luxury. An interesting fact: This plane transported the corpse of the vocalist Whitney Houston from California to New Jersey after her decease in 2012.

Dreamliner " is an aircraft with an exceptional styling combined with the latest technologies to provide the best possible travel experiences in the passenger cabin throughout the whole journey. There is a large meeting room in the aircraft, together with rooms for guests and a fitness studio. The aircraft's inside is supposed to be furnished with a beautiful varnish on the outside and adorned with golden chestnuts.

An interesting fact: the Russians billionaire uses the plane to take his Chelsea squad from one match to another. The plane has two luxury double rooms, a 14-person dinner desk and a central seat that most likely reminds the princes of his home country house while traveling.

Initially the plane cost around $100 million and the Sultan has added another $100 million to update the aircraft cabin, which shouts luxury with golden detail throughout the plane. There is a lounge, a master suite and a bath room all adorned with golden and crystalline glass, with massive golden sinks.

In addition to the flamboyant and luxury paintwork, the aircraft is also known as "Bourkhan", as it was given its name by Alisher Ashmanov's sire. Originally the aircraft was priced at 238 million dollars, but according to, the definitive costs are valued at 350 to 500 million dollars, considering the interiors and technologies used.

It is the biggest privat airplane in Russia, even larger than the Ilyushin Il-96 of President Vladimir Putin. An interesting fact: the double-decker A380 is the biggest airliner in the whole wide area. That plane is called the "Yacht of Heaven". There is also a large internal master room with a queen size twin berth and sitting area, forward facing stairs and en-suite areas for guests above the head level.

An interesting fact: the Boeing 747-8 is the longest aircraft in the whole hemisphere.

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