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<font color="#ffff00">KEISEI SKYLINER & TEITO TAXI

From Keisei Ueno Station you can also take in the sights from the windows of your own vehicle! 1: Quickest journey between Narita Airport Terminal 2-3 Station and Keisei Ueno Station. Quickest journey between Narita Airport Terminal 2-3 and Keisei Ueno. You cannot get out of the taxi between Keisei Ueno station and your guesthouse, you can only see the sights from the windows of the vehicle.

Give an employee the name of the name of the hotels you reserved at a point of sale, and then buy your tickets. Get your Skyliner seating and taxi booking card. Accept your Skyliner tickets with your seats reserved and board the Skyliner. Upon arrival at Keisei Ueno station, your taxi will pick you up at the counter.

You will be picked up by your taxi in front of the counter at Keisei Ueno station. Provide the taxi with your taxi booking pass and get in the taxi. Both the Skyliner and the taxi are valid until the date of purchase. There is a seating for three persons per taxi.

Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Bunkyo City, Toshima City, Sumida City and Koto City hotels. Your trip takes about 20 to 35 min from Keisei Ueno station. Your trip takes about 40 to 50 min from Keisei Ueno station. These services are only available if the accommodation you are using is in one of the 11 Tokyo towns (Chiyoda City, Chuo City, Bunkyo City, Toshima City, Sumida City, Koto City, Shinjuku City, Meguro City, Shibuya City, Minato City and Shinagawa City).

Reimbursements are only possible if both your Skyliner and Taxi tickets are valid within the period of validity and not used. When the Skyliner is not functional, you will receive a full reimbursement, with the sales cost being the maximum. Call the SKYLINER & KEISEI Information Centre (0476-34-6261).

No refunds can be offered after you have used your Skyliner and Taxi tickets. The taxi will not be able to communicate in another language. It is not possible to get out of a taxi while driving in touristic places.

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