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taxibooking software

Learn what users say about Taxi Booking Software. Check out the user taxi booking software reviews, pricing information and features. Find reviews from leading taxi scheduling systems. This is a taxi scheduling software for the on-demand taxi booking business. The software offers a complete solution for all requirements of taxi companies.

Taxicab Dispatch Software | Taxi Dispatch System

Improve your company's return on investment with a state-of-the-art technological foundation to reduce cost and improve efficiencies. In this way it is ensured that you never again loose a booking due to a manned telephone beep! Download your own taxi booking application; we provide a fully customisable, white labelled taxi shipping option. In the taxi industy, as taxi technologies change and evolve every passing second, you shouldn't leave your company behind.

Our solutions are available as a fully customizable wholesale brand. You will receive our response within one working days.

Taxibooking and shipping software

GPS cabin dispatching and managment solutions are designed to provide better passenger support and optimize operation from cabin booking to billing and payment administration on the road. Customers needed a cabin booking system for their tablet-equipped fleets. It was needed to facilitate the cabin booking procedure and provide unified passenger support with business efficiencies.

Using GPRS technology would help taxi companies improve controls and get a better view of their businesses while offering premier service. It should also offer a uniform interface for taxi driver and passenger to enable them to view and optimize the booking procedure while driving. In addition, a trip meter was integrated into the portable device that uses GPRS to monitor the route travelled.

To make the payments easier, the squad also included a multi-currency payments portal, PayPal connectivity, and a variety of functions to track and bill payments. Contact us to learn more about this product. Obtain a free consultation with our specialists to obtain the most suitable taxidisposition software for your company.

Taxis Shipping Software

Get your taxi booking & taxi dispatchers on-line. Automatic sending of new cabin reservations to the most appropriate operators. Don't rent costly taxi application developer, get your Uber-Klon, taxi scheduling system today. Grab your brand-specific, white-marked taxi application to personalize your booking and driving experiences. Be one step ahead of your competition and customize our Uber-Klon to your liking.

Yes, our taxi dispatching/cab software is conceived for every kind of vehicles, no matter whether you have a limousine, a truck, a privat renting or a rent a car etc..

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