Chopper Ride

chopper ride

Take your chopperbike through the city to discover your driving skills. Motorcycling Chopper Camelot. San Diego California Miking. Driving from San Diego Harley-Davidson southwards on Hwy 5 to Hwy 8 East. I drive my 2006 American Ironhorse Texas Chopper with the unique works chroming kit.

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The first helicopter ride.... - Checking blue helicopters in Hawaii - Kauai, Lihue, HI

Our one-hour Kauai fly will certainly be the culmination of our 18-day Circle Hawaii trip. He was the best flyer you could have and his understanding of chopper flights and the islands made for an memorable time. Thanks, Tony! And Blue Hawaiian!

I' ve been in the army on choppers, and they're noisy. This island's beautiful scenery is beautiful. Suddenly you see the coastline and are flying over the waters of Hawaii, it will definitely put a big grin on your face. Arthur S, Mahalo for your evaluation.

I' m glad to know you were enjoying your trip. To see the Kauai sights from the sky is stunning, thank you for purchasing the Blue Hawaiian Helicopters. If you return to Hawaii on your trips, we look forward to having you back with us. It was a very quiet ride and we saw places that can only be seen from the sky.

I took the chopper with a door (recommend fearsome people like me for the first time) and single-seaters. Your complete fly movie is available at interest for $41. Judy Aloha G, Mahalo for your evaluation. Thank you very much for enjoying your trip with us. We' re sure to be sharing your awesome reviews with Shay and the whole crew here.

If you return to Hawaii on your trips, we look forward to having you back with us. It was a big event. That was the best chopper ride I've ever been on. The picturesque flight with Blue Hawaiian Helicopters on 17.11.11 at 8:00 a.m. was first-rate!

Our guests were treated by an exquisite staff and our guests by a hot and relaxed Joffrey, who share his wisdom about the Kauai Islands with us and at the same time offered an exciting and yet trouble-free flight. It was one of the high points of our adventure in Hawaii and will always be grateful to have experienced this once in a life.

Mahalo to Joffrey and Blue Helicopters! Blue hawaiian had helicopters - kauai?

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