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Now you can get your TAXI via ETH. Before using the Site, please read this Agreement carefully. With the access to the website you agree to be bound to the following conditions.

Breakthrough Taxi Platforms

First block chain taxi delivery system. Forty-six towns. A system for taxi services in 46 towns in Europe. In Europe, the plattforms of personal chauffeurs, such as Uber and Lyft, are becoming increasingly common. Therefore, the demands on licenced taxi driver are no longer as high as they used to be. It was the current state of the art on the car rental scene that led us to develop the ideal solution to directly link our clients with our highly qualified and certified team.

C2B will deliver a portable app that allows clients to find a licenced rider and riders to better run their businesses. The creation and testing of the plattform will take about 9 month. Following its formal approval, the launch will take place for the first three month in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Later on, the site will be launched every three months in other towns in Europe (3 towns per month). The approval of SABs in all scheduled towns will take no longer than 2 years.

With the access to the website you declare that you are in agreement with the following general sales and service agreement.

With your visit to the website you declare that you are in agreement with the following provisions. You should not visit or use the Site if you do not wish to be bound them. Proud of fast, effective and helpful services, we do everything we can to identify and prevent issues.

Simultaneously, the taxi services are affected by bad weather, street condition, street building, mechanic failures, taxi unavailability and sometimes misunderstanding of route description and whereabouts. Furthermore, passenger handling times for luggage and safety at aerodromes vary widely according to the level of safety, passenger volumes, airlines' and airports' delay and other determinants.

Take your chance and take your flight to the airports when you inform us about the pick-up hours and pay attention to the proposed arrivals hours. Pickup schedules can be planned and we try to get there on schedule, but pickup schedules agreed in anticipation through "Reservations" are not guarantee.

There is no representation or warrant as to the correctness or dependability of the contents of this website or any other website to which we provide links. Unauthorised download and redistribution of proprietary materials from this site or the websites we provide links to is expressly forbidden without the permission of the rights-holder. The Site and the information, softwares and other materials available on or from the Site are provided "as is" and "as available" without expressed or implied warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, either expressed or statutory, either expressed or statutory, either expressly or tacit, either expressly or tacitly, either inclusive of, but not confined to, guarantees of ownership, non-infringement or tacit guarantees of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular use.

its representatives, staff, officers and/or Directors who are exempt from any liability, cost or expense, up to and personal legal representation, in connection with any breach by you of these General Business and Delivery Terms.

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