Srilankan Airlines Membership

Membership of Srilankan Airlines

The SriLankan Airlines frequent flyer programme, FlySmiLes, is transparent and easy to use. Meet SriLankan Airlines Limited CEO & other executives. Skip to the SriLankan Airlines frequent flyer program:

SriLankan Airlines FlySmiLes Program Overview

The SriLankan Airlines, the country's flagship, operates 46 services in 23 different nations, but does not yet operate to America. Prior to entering the on-eworld airline in 2014, the company revised its aircraft portfolio and enhanced its services. The SriLankan Airlines frequently flier programme, FLysmiLes, is clear and simple to use. There are three different awards charts: one for SriLankan Airlines services, another for members of one of the world' airlines, and a third for Mihin Lanka, a wholly owned affiliate.

One of the best features of GlySmiLes is its low repayment rate on inland flights. When you are not travelling domestically, you will usually get a better offer with British Airways Avios or the mileage of another member of one of the world' airlines to do so. What can I do to earn my FlySmiLes mileage? They can use GlySmiLes on SriLankan Airlines, its affiliates Cinnamon Air and Mihin Lanka, the Etihad Airways affiliate or with any member of the Etihad Airways member-unity.

Best repayment percentages of flySmiLes apply to home travel operated by SriLankan Airlines affiliate Cinnamon Air. Within Sri Lanka, where the carrier has a single market position, flying can be quite costly, but bonus travel costs only 5,000 return mile. SriLankan Airlines and its affiliates offer very costly medium- and long-haul premium services.

For longer journeys, you can try to redeem American Airlines mileage. The use of AirSmiLes mileage for a journey between North America and Sri Lanka costs: Identical fare bought with your air travel mileage is charged: They can use the mileage to convert your currency travel from economic to commercial classes. It is not possible to update reward ticket. One way purchases are 25 per cent of the mileage needed for a full seat travel.

As an example, a round-trip reward between Sri Lanka and Japan is 170,000 mile, so a simple upgrades will cost 42,500 mile. GlySmiLes has three different élite levels: There is also a sterling status available only to Sri Lankan cardholders in Sri Lanka. CeLankan Airlines does not provide co-branded cards for US citizens.

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