Price of round the World Airline Tickets

The price of air tickets around the world

However, regular ticket prices can be found everywhere on the map, depending mainly on supply and demand. I' m constantly changing my flights, and with RTW tickets, it's easy. Have a look at our photo galleries and our tour guide to the tickets around the world. Star Alliance Book & Fly" is available in English, German and Japanese. Star Alliance Book & Fly" is available in English, German and Japanese.

The Star Alliance improves world-class tariff products - globe-trotting now possible with only two intermediate stops

FRANKFURT, Germany - January 24, 2018 - A stormy world tour that only stops at two locations for at least 24 hrs is now possible with select Star Alliance Round the World (RTW) rates. Until now, at least three stops were necessary for all RTW tickets. As a result of this modification, the number of routes available under the RTW products for Star Alliance member countries will increase.

"Bringing just two stops around the world makes Star Alliance Round the World more attractive. It will now be easy for clients to create their tailor-made itinerary by selecting from the extensive offerings of our 28 member carriers, which operate more than 18,400 day trips linking 1,300 cities in 191 countries," said Janice Antonson, Vice President, Commercial and Communications, Star Alliance.

You can book Star Alliance RTW tickets on-line at Star Alliance Book & Fly" is available in English, French, Dutch, German as well as Japan. If you want to communicate your itineraries, you can do so by e-mail or via the built-in softwares. If all the flight tickets have been purchased, you can issue your tickets electronically using the on-line ticket issuing system.

As an alternative, clients can use any Star Alliance member airline or agency to buy and reserve an RTVT. As a rule, price to quality ratio of services is good for passengers, especially when comparing one-way tickets on different carriers for the same route. Depending on the category of trip, the exact route, the number of kilometres travelled, the route chosen and changes in foreign currencies, the price of an entire day's trip may vary.

The journey must start and end in the same land and go in one way, either east or west, although a certain amount of zigzag traffic is allowed within a given continental area. As well as creating a route from the ground up, clients can also select from a variety of thematic RTW trips, including World Nutrition, World Wonders, Architecture Hotspots, Nature Trail, Water Wonders, Liaison Cultures, Nature Wonders, Sports Hotspots, Wine Tasting, Romance Travels and Luxury Lifestyle.

In order to offer RTW travelers a wider selection, certain RTW tariffs are also available that require at least three intermediate stations and allow a limited number of intermediate stations between five and 12. Star Alliance RTW fare is available for First, Business, Premium Economy and Economy Class Travel and is available for 12 month periods.

Star Alliance RTW fare holders can earn miles* on all member airlines of the Frequent Flyer Programme (FFP). Earned miles* can be used to earn Star Alliance Gold or Sterling Gold credit and can be spent on free travel, upgrade or stay at a Star Alliance hostel (subject to FFP terms).

Over half of passengers travelling with RTW travel in Business Class, over a third in Economy Class and around eight percent in First Class. Overall price may differ by markets and end-routing; please consult Star Alliance to request a quote example. The complete list of requirements for our tariffs can be found at :

The Star Alliance: Star alliance was formed in 1997 as the first truly multi-national airline coalition to provide travellers with world-wide coverage, appreciation and smooth travel experience. The company's success in the marketplace has been confirmed by a number of accolades, among them the Air Transport World Leadership Award and the Best Airline alliance of Business Traveler Magazine and Skytrax.

Member companies are: The Star Alliance family currently operates more than 18,400 weekly departures to 1,300 destinations in 191 states. Additional connections are available through Star Alliance' Juneyao Airline connectivity partner.

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