Srilankan Airlines Limited

Sri Lankan Airlines Limited

With SriLankan Airlines Limited we offer scheduled and unscheduled passenger, freight and mail services. SILLANANKAN Airlines India, New Delhi, India. To be the preferred airline in Asia. Srilankan Airlines has issued international tenders for the following items. SRILANKAN AIRLINES LIMITED company information, business information, managing directors/partner data and managing directors/partner contact information.

RTI flies over SriLankan Airlines

There has been a new dispute over the appointment of the pilots' guild to the Right to Information Commission, as SriLankan Airlines abruptly argued that it is not subject to the RTI Act at all. In this sense, it had stated that it was not subject to the RTI Act, which only applied to undertakings created under the 2007 Stock Corporation Act.

And the guild strongly opposed that point. The RTI Commission is also said to have been stunned when this point was made to the Commission and it stated that SriLankan Airlines should take this stance after respecting the law and having appointed an information officer and a nominee official.

Pilots Guild had lodged a complaint with the Commission after its application for RTI had been refused by SriLankan Airlines. All information relating to the cessation of the agreement and/or agreement between PIA and SriLankan Airlines Limited 6. All information relating to the cancelation of the Airbus A350 aircraft order (including, but not limited to, all agreements and/or communications relating to the Airbus A350 aircraft order and cancellation) 7.

Any information relating to the costs of face-to-face flight instruction for the Airbus Airbus A320 aircraft rebuild carried by SriLankan Airlines Limited and/or another third parties for the CEO, Mr. Suren Ratwatte. This guild relied on the RTI Act against the backdrop of the great open debate over massive disbursements and a host of benefits granted to Sri Lanka's top managers, despite the fact that it has brought airlines to the bottom in the last three years.

Maithripla Sirisena has now nominated a commission of inquiry, chaired by former Supreme Court Justice Anil Gunaratne, to investigate misconduct both in Sri Lanka and in the now defunct MhinAir.

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