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The Horizon Air Industries, Inc. is a regional airline based in SeaTac, Washington, USA. Alaska Airlines markets and sells all scheduled flights operated by Horizon, and Horizon Air and its sister company Alaska Airlines are subsidiaries of the Alaska Air Group.

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HORIZO Air Industries, Inc. Horizon Air is a local air company headquartered in SeaTac, Washington, USA. Alaska Airlines markets and sells all Horizon Air's regular services, and Horizon Air and its affiliate Alaska Airlines are Alaska Air Group affiliates. Horizon powered aircrafts are referred to as'Alaska Horizon' in order to recognize the Horizon trademark and distinguish aircrafts from those of other local alliance partners, SkyWest Airlines.

Once the 8th biggest U.S. carrier, Horizon Air serves 42 major U.S. and Canadian destinations. Alaska Air Group acquired it in November 1986 and operated as an independent carrier until 2011 before switching to the present operating mode of the air carrier contract.

In November 1986, Alaska Airlines signed an acquisition contract for Horizon Air. 19 ] The year before, Alaska had undergone a comprehensive reorganisation, and the carrier is now held by the Alaska Air Group, a parent carrier. As part of the arrangement, the Alaska Air Group became the owners of Horizon Air following Transport Department approvals at the end of December.

20 ][21] The Alaska Air Group continues to have Horizon as a stand-alone carrier, with a codeshare arrangement with its new affiliate Alaska. Horizon entered into a codeshare with Northwest Airlines in 1988. In May 1989, the company extended its services to Vancouver and Victoria in British Columbia with Dash 8-100s and Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner turbo-props.

The Horizon was the first Dornier 328 turbo prop client and wanted to substitute the Metroliner with this new plane that offered eye level performance and convenience with jet liners. Dornier lacquered his second 328 in Horizon colours in acknowledgement of the order. 12 planes were shipped between November 1993 and November 1995, but in 1997 they were quickly dismantled to support standard ization of the Dash 8 range of turbo-props.

Horizon has historically served most of its business either as a stand-alone airline or as a local subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, except between 2004 and 2007, when it used Bombardier CRJ-700s for Frontier Airlines. In May 2011, Alaska Airlines signed a similar contract for the sale of capacities with SkyWest Airlines.

Under the terms of the deal, Alaska Air Group executives signed an understanding to divest the Horizon portfolio of five CRJ-700s to SkyWest, operating six West Coast air lanes as Alaska SkyWest. The train departed Horizon with a flotilla made up of a unique airplane type: the Dash 8-Q400 Turbo Prop Aircraft.

In April 2016, Horizon heralded that it would be expanding its aircraft portfolio to include 30 Embraer 175 aircraft and returning to operations with local jet aircraft. 26 ] The order is the biggest in the airline's entire business and was later extended to 33 aircraft. Horizon's 47 targets are in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington, and the U.S. states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, and British Columbia, as well as in the Alberta and British Columbia federal states of Canada.

Currently Horizon Air is operating two different models of aircrafts, the Bombardier Dash 8 and the Embraer 175 Turbo Prop. Bombardier Dash 8 D400, a high-speed high-cap turbo prop, will operate in a single-class 76-litre, non-tilting seat design. Every line on the plane has two berths on either side of the corridor.

Embraer 175 is currently being shipped to Horizon and will operate in a three-class layout (First First, Premier and Main) with a combined 76 seat leathers and recliners. Every series in the aircraft's prime class/main cabins has two seating areas on either side of the passage.

Horizon Air's inventory consists of the following aircrafts (as of August 2018): Airplanes that have been used by Horizon Air in the past are (in order of alphabet): Horizon had a small sand beachside decorated with the words "Horizon" in capital letters. Up until recently, the Horizon Air paint scheme was very similar to that of its predecessor, Alaska Airlines, except for a deep pink (and not blue) cheat line, and the cock has a stylised Eskimo style emblem and does not include a stylised Eskimo design.

Several Dash 8-100s and 200s (no longer in use at Horizon Air) had Horizon target designations with " Great City of " or " Great Cities of " in front of them. It became the industry benchmark for Horizon's Horizon paint and Alaska Airlines' latest paint. The bottom of the gondola was varnished with "horizon white" before this replacement.

Horizon Air announces on 25 January 2011 that it is withdrawing its official Eskimo mark and adding its Alaska Airlines affiliate Eskimo to its family. In the course of the makeover, the Bombardier Q400 was painted by Horizon with a new look that shows prominent "Alaska" above the hull and the Eskimo at the stern.

Furthermore, the airplane contains a small Horizon emblem on the sides of the airplane, which now appear in Alaska's deepblue colour. The difference between Horizon and its affiliate and other airlines is that it offers free draught beers and wines from northwestern brewers and vineyards to statutory-drinkers.

The Embraer 175 jet is fitted with a First Class and a Premium Class cabins and offers a similar on-board dining sensation to Alaska, with free First Class mealtimes, a free small Premium Class Snackbox and free spirits in both years. Horizon's Embraer 175 local jet aircraft are fitted with an on-board WLAN and streamed sound system.

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