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Driving licence checker for private hire

Kaerphilly - Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Driver's License Every driver of a licence must hold a cab driver's licence and/or a private hire driver's licence from the licensing authority where he wishes to work. The regulatory agencies are required to determine whether the claimant is a "fit" individual, so we will consider the claimant's previous health and legal record when reviewing the claim.

Registered cabbies must also make sure that the type of transport they use is registered for the transport of persons who pay. It can be an own limousine or a flotilla limousine, but it must have either a hackney or a private rental driving licence. Privately rented cars must be prebooked through a licenced carrier for whom the driver works at a predefined rate.

The driver is guilty of an offense by picking up a ticket that was greeted at the side of the road. Candidates for Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Driver Licence must take a physical test and participate in a safety course, both run and administered by the Torfaen Training Centre.

Before you can apply for the license, you must take this test and take the course. Half daily test at Torfaen Training Centre, 25 Springvale Industrial Estate, Cwmbran, Torfaen, NP44 VBA, divided into three sections: Review the Caerphilly Council's guidelines, terms and standard of car inspections.

When you are considering taking the test and taking the course, you must first call Torfaen Trainings on 01633 875929 to obtain the necessary information and instruction. In this case you have to re-do the Torfaen session to reserve your place. Date of the test and the course you are obliged to take:

When applying, you must present the Torfaen Training Pass card and certification. For the Council to be able to assume that candidates are roadworthy, they must be examined by a physician and must comply with DVLA Group 2 clinical standard.

Registered taxi and private rental car operators are also required to transport persons with lead, listening and other assistant dog handlers and named wheeled vehicle operators to support persons in wheeled chairs. Where you have health reasons that could hinder you from fulfilling these obligations, you must also apply for leave together with an aptitude certificate filled in by your family physician.

Then the Council will consider whether an exempting decision should be issued to the driver. Additionally to the pertinent verifications to determine whether a subject is a'fit' subject, it is not possible for LAs to issue a driver's or operator's licence unless they are convinced that an applicant has the right to stay and work in the UK.

Every candidate for a driving licence is obliged to submit originals of the compulsory documentation in order to demonstrate his immigrant background and entitlement to work. It will be obliged to keep a copy of the originals it has seen and can verify an applicant's immigrant background and exchange information with the Ministry of the Interior.

In order to log in, please click here to get the package. Once you have filled out the claim and extended forms for disclosing checks (Disclosure Barring Service, DBS) in full, you will need to get in touch with us to arrange an interview. A system is in place for appointments only, so please get in touch with us before you arrive, otherwise your job will not be processed.

Please take all necessary identification papers together with the DBS charge of currently 44.00 to the date. Documentation must contain up-to-date driver's license, certificates/cards for testing purposes, protection certificates and health certificates. The royalty must be paid at the moment the licence is granted.

Where you were conceived outside the UK, you must also provide a certificate of good conduct for each of the countries in which you have been living since the age of 18, as agreed. Your DBS-Check will be sent to your private adress. In order to prevent any delay in the processing of your applications, please make sure that you submit this to us as soon as possible.

Provided you have no criminal record and are in good medical condition, your driver's license for hackney carriage/private rental will be granted. However, if the DBS or Certificate of Good Conduct certifies that you have been found guilty of a criminal offense, or if you currently have 4 or more points on your driver's license, you will need to participate in a session of the appropriate Approval Committee to determine whether you have been found guilty of a criminal offense.

Processing an online request will take an estimated 6-8 workweeks. DBS exam candidates can take full benefit of the DBS Upgrade Services, which costs £13.00 per year. It has the benefit that, after paying the £44.00 starting fee for the exam, the requester can also sign up for the DBS Updates Service:

i) within 28 workingdays after completion of the DBS Checks at the Approval Authorities using the License Number which can be obtained from the License Department, or ii) as soon as you have obtained the DBS Checks, within 19 workingdays after the date of issuance stated on the certificates.

Advantages for cab riders who subscribe to the Update Service are savings in terms of post three years costs and savings, as you do not need to request another DBS Checks (provided no crimes are commited after the initial checks have been issued) and do not need to return to our office again to extend your certification.

Licenses are granted for a maximum of 3 years and must be extended if you wish to maintain them. The renewal request will be sent to you by mail a few days before your license expires. When a DBS test is also due, you will receive the appropriate DBS test report, which you must fill out with your job description before you contact us to make an appointment. DBS tests are also available on request.

Please take all necessary identification papers together with the corresponding license fees (and DBS renewals if applicable ) to the meeting. The royalty must be paid at the moment the licence is granted.

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