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Personal jets for sale UK: AIRPLANE SALE The Air Charter Service Sales Division, in collaboration with Jet Advisors, has a rich pool of experiences in the purchase and sale of private jets. No matter whether you want to buy your first plane or retrofit it, we have the know-how to help you. We oversee the whole deal from research through the buying cycle and beyond to make sure that your interests are taken into account every stage of the way.

Proud of our high level of personalized services, we are easily able to present your airplane to a much broader audiences of prospective customers than anyone else in the business. Keeping abreast of the latest information from carriers and individual travellers looking for new planes, we can assure you that we will find a purchaser for you.

Jet Advisors teamed up with ACS to become part of the world's biggest incumbent aerospace services group. Let us know your needs and one of our charters specialists will make you an offer.

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Upgraded from the 700, it has a redesigned hull and enhanced electronics for greater outreach. ON THIS AIRCRAFT: When the Citation II was launched on the corporate aviation scene, it was unique. More than 1,000 jets were marketed in the first four years.

Produced for 16 years, it is Cessna's best-selling private plane. BY THIS AIRCRAFT: The Learjet 35 is capable of carrying up to six people and is distinguished by its long cruising distance, good manoeuvrability and high cruising speed. In the 36cc version there is a bigger hull filler, which increases the cruising distance by 500 mile, but shortens the cab by almost half a meter.

The Hawker 800 is an 700 grade up, with a number of mods. This includes a redesigned hull and improved electronics for greater outreach. on this aircraft: a leader in the corporate aviation sector, this is the first in a large corporate aviation group.

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